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successful projects

Project development methodology

Every project is a unique experience. We have realized over 300 of them and now definitely know what we need for their successful launch. All the stages like analysis, planning, design, slicing, programming, filling with content and testing are to be aligned in the following: strong team, close collaboration with a client and available resources. We apply this practice to all of our projects.

team members

Our team has a growth up to 30% per each year

Our skilled team of web programmers has diverse experience in the technology stack, including ASP.NET MVC, PHP, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, MSSQL, MySQL and others. UI/X and web-designers work on modern tendencies, integrating new trends in UX and opportunities in 3D, Augmented and video content opportunities into digital. A team of project managers, that has deep technical background, perfectly delves into every project and looks after project workflow at all the stages of its implementation.

iOS and Android apps

Technology and team

Most of our clients are startups, that’s why our UI/X and web designers keep up with the new tendencies, integrating UX last trends and 3D, Augmented and video-content opportunities in digital. The team of our skilled iOS and Android programmers has experience in Objective-C, Swift, Java, 3d-animation, Augmented reality, business applications, GPS city navigation, video streaming, integration with REST API and social networks: Facebook, VKontakte, Google+.

month on MVP development

Our approach

Our experience in modern project developing helped us to find the finest way in client’s idea implementation. It’s in high-quality expertise, rapid MVP (minimum viable product) development and further functionality increase, moving by small distances (sprints). We are always excited to share Android & iOS project experience with our clients, to create useful applications that strictly correspond to App Store and Marketplace guidelines.

opensource projects

Own frameworks and plugins

Besides programming, we are good at mathematics and physics, so we are happy to do projects with Augmented Reality, Eye and Face Tracking, pattern recognition, neural networks, fuzzy logic systems and other advanced technologies. Meanwhile, our knowledge and expertise in the marketing field help us to develop such projects comprehensively.

user/day load

Project launch and support

For quality and stableness of our projects’ hosting we have 2 powerful web-servers (Intel Xeon, SSD drives) and are certified partners of Azure Cloud and Digital Ocean cloud services. Due to experience of our DevOps specialists we configure architecture of staging and production instances, organize the deployment process according to project needs, and assure its flawless operations during testing and release deployment.

Web software

For the last 6 years we have implemented more than 300 projects and went far enough in web development. This experience provides us with a strong base for keener understanding of processes at all project development stages, from usercases and wireframes to comprehensive testing. Due to this we are able to launch complete and stable products of any complexity on the market regardless of their purpose.

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Mobile apps

In cooperation with startups, we have learned how to design creative and functional user experience for mobile applications. We are always excited to share Android & iOS project experience with our clients and partners and to create useful applications that strictly correspond with App Store and Marketplace guidelines.

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Custom development
for startups

Besides programming, we are good in mathematics and physics, so happy to do projects with Augmented Reality, Eye and Face Tracking, pattern recognition, neural networks, fuzzy logic systems and other advanced technologies. Meanwhile, our knowledge and expertise in marketing field help us to develop such projects comprehensively.

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philip morris
dr theiss

Front-end developer

Good knowledge of HTML, CSS (SASS), JS (ES6, Vue.js, ReactJS). Understanding of development flow (Gulp/Webpack, NPM, Babel) and experience in architecture of web applications is a must. We offer complicated and interesting projects with top stack of technologies.
Please be sure to add links to 3 your best projects.
1+ year experience.

Back-end developer

Languages: C#, JS, SQL. Understanding of OOP, MV* frameworks is a must. Good knowledge of ASP.NET MVC architecture, Entity Framework, .NET Core and JavaScript.
We offer complicated and interesting projects with top stack of technologies.
1+ year experience.

Project manager

Requirements: Good technical and communication skills. Understanding of software development workflow. Has to be a responsible person.
Responsibilities: project planning, creating user cases and technical specifications, communication with clients and managing teams of 3-5 people.
1+ year experience.


Clients about us

Vladimir Galika
Head of Practice Digital Influence
SPN Communications
I had a chance to work in several agencies in different countries over the past 10 years, and often heard numerous positive reviews about Brights. I also work with them a couple times, and was genuinely satisfied with the cooperation. So, I can safely recommend them as an experienced web-development team.
Tatiana Torba
Senior Sales Information Analyst
Philip Morris Ukraine
We have been working with Brights on the development and improvement of portals for internal needs of our company more than 3 years. It is always great to see the initiative from their side, willingness to delve into the specifics of business, to understand our needs, to find and use innovative approaches for problem solving, as well as professional skills in project management, design and development of software products.
PMU marketing
Marketing team
Philip Morris Ukraine
I am proud that together with Brights we were able to develop more than 20 iOS apps for our marketing team. We were pleased with the thoroughness and special attention to details that Brights team delivered while working on project. They are always proactive in problem solving and have willingness to compromise.
Ievgenii Savchuk
Digital Marketing Manager
METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine
Brights team demonstrated incredible professional skills throughout all cooperation and their UI/UX design was better than I expected. Brights is a great option for large long-term projects that require high quality design and development.
Vlаdіmіr Smirnov
Creative Director
We have been working with Brights since 2014. We have implemented many projects with different complexity during this period. We are pleased that Brights can provide desired quality level. They are reliable partner on web development.
Advance Digital
The projects of our agency usually require not trivial decisions, qualified examination and precise deadlines. Brights team met all these requirements in each our joint projects. They actively participated at the early stages of projects, predicted and prevented all the technical difficulties, were very time efficient in cases, where it was critically important.
Sergey Gorpinchenko
Project Manager
Brainberry Global
Nothing is impossible for Brights team. Their ability to work under pressure, with multi-disciplinary international team and to exceptionally high standard is simply incredible. The rapid understanding of the issues has helped the overall project, not to mention their superb individual programming skills.
Elena Salivon
Сlient Service Director
Brights team has been our partner in design and production of mobile iOS and Android app for our strategically important client. I want to thank this team for their work, excellent management and team approach that allowed to realize a worthy and sophisticated project in a very short time. I am sure, that this is not our last project with Brights!
Elena Gavinskaya
Head of Advertising and PR
SUZUKI brand at AUTO International
I was very pleased working together with Brights. This team operated like a true partner in the workflow, giving valuable tips and critical comments to improve our project. Working with highly motivated professional company in a web development, which put life into work - a real pleasure.
Andrey Gorovoy
Technical Director
Beauty HUB
I would like to mention talented Javascript and C # developers of Brights team, their huge technical experience. All of the specialists are very well knowledgeable in their professional fields and I really appreciate their agile development process that was extremely important for our project.
Elena Kubyshyna
Director of marketing department
SKODA Eurocar
We are very pleased with the work results with Brights. This team knows how to analyze the brief, ask right questions, organize a reliable production and keep within the unrealistic deadlines. Rapid response to new numerous challenges along the work process cannot but bring pleasure.
Kateryna Dubyna
Head of MarCom
First Ukrainian International Bank
We have implemented more than 10 large and complicated projects together with Brights. We appreciate our partner for flexibility and listening skills. In any force majeure and under the constantly "ever-burning" deadlines, we know that can rely on colleagues - the agency goes to the stake, but always delivers high-quality work and within the well-defined period.
Galina Ryzhenko
Client service director
Resolution Media
We have implemented over 20 projects of web and mobile apps together with Brights team, including long-term support and development, which has been going on for several years. I am sure, that fast communication and friendly long-term partnership confirm the fact that we can rely on Brights team.
Brand Manager
I have found Brights to be excellent developers, designers and programmers of web applications. Our experience has been in complete production cycle of large web portal. Brights team helped us make a comprehensive brief, designed and produced the project in strict terms. I have been very happy with the result, so I can safely advise Brights to friends and colleagues.

About us

We are custom software development company located in Kiev, Ukraine and Warsaw, Poland with team of 72 people. Our main area is Fin-tech and enterprise applications development.

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Developers wanted

Our team has a growth up to 30% per each year. If you are result-oriented, not afraid to take initiative — drop us a note and join our software development company!

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