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The site for internal use of Philip Morris International (PMI), which allows any employee to improve and optimize activity of the entire company. An opportunity to control the process of idea implementation from its submission to closure. There is also an incentive program for employees whose ideas were chosen for use.


PMI Think Wider


The main challenge was to create a flexible platform for implementation employees ideas from scratch. The platform allowed tracking every step from the apply to the final point. Also developed compensation system for awarding best ideas.

PMI Think Wider
PMI Think Wider


We have been working with Brights on the development and improvement of portals for internal needs of our company more than 3 years. It is always great to see the initiative from their side, willingness to delve into the specifics of business, to understand our needs, to find and use innovative approaches for problem solving, as well as professional skills in project management, design and development of software products.

Tatiana Torba,
Senior Sales Information Analyst
Philip Morris International

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