Modern business banking and payment system built for efficient financial management.


WireBee is an intuitive, transparent, free banking and payment platform for small and medium-sized businesses, designed to streamline financial management and accounting processes in one system.


WireBee provides a universal solution for effortless company’s budget management, secure and automated payment processing, swift and convenient transfers, seamless handling of bills and invoices, and automated accounting on the cloud.

Our main development challenge was to create a stable and scalable architecture to handle tens of thousands of transactions every month without any delays.

To simplify the work for business owners and accountants, we aimed to create seamless and intuitive UX, and integrated WireBee with third-party services for payment and transfer processing, invoice recognition, user verification and automated accounting.


WireBee ensures easy-to-use, intelligent AP automation and allows unlimited issuing of business virtual debit cards with specific budgets to manage company’s payments with ease. The product also easily integrates with business processing and accounting software to manage budgets more efficiently and automate the billing process.

Kudos to WireBee for the brilliant product

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