High-load Projects

We develop stable high-load architectures that efficiently handle high traffic, and ensure optimal system performance, reliability, and scalability.

What we offer

  • Architecture design

    Our team provides high-load architecture design services, creating an infrastructure to handle large volumes of traffic, data, and workloads while maintaining optimal system performance and reliability.

  • High-loads development

    Our engineers build stable, scalable, and efficient software applications that handle increasingly high data volumes and user requests with zero downtime.

  • Scaling & high availability

    We ensure that high-load applications maintain seamless availability even during failures or disruptions, accommodating expanding workloads without compromising accessibility.

  • Large-scale optimization

    We approach large-scale system enhancement with meticulous evaluation, bottleneck elimination, and tailored improvement strategies to deliver top system performance.

  • Database & queries tuning

    Our team improves database performance efficiency and their associated SQL queries, reducing query execution time and optimizing system’s operation.

  • Performance testing

    We assess the performance and resilience of high-load systems under different loads and stress conditions to ensure your project is high-performing, reliable, and secure at any time.

  • High-load refactoring

    We optimize the high-load system's architecture through the project's code changes to effectively accommodate concurrent user demands, heavy traffic loads, and large data volumes.

  • Support & monitoring

    We provide stable system maintenance and monitoring to ensure smooth operation, optimal performance, and unwavering reliability of your project.

Our expertise

  • 01


    Handle large transaction volumes and maintain top security and compliance by implementing our expert team's fintech high-load system development insights and knowledge to your project.

  • 02

    IoT & Big Data

    Scale with device growth, ensure real-time responsiveness, and operate with diverse data types and high-velocity data streams, leveraging our IoT and Big Data high-load system development experience.

  • 03


    Seamlessly manage increasing traffic and user volumes while gaining a competitive advantage. Scale up your startup with our high-load architecture development services, designed to meet the demands of your growing business.

Tech stack we use

  • Languages: C# (.NET), C++, Node.js

  • Cloud: AWS (ESC, EKS), Azure

  • Configuration management: Terraform, Ansible

  • Caching: Redis, Cloudflare

  • Container orchestration: Kubernetes, Cluster Autoscaler

  • Event-driven computing: AWS Lambda

  • Performance testing: Apache JMeter

  • Monitoring: Prometheus, Datadog, New Relic, AWS CloudWatch

Our approach

  • Analysis We start with understanding the project requirements, including expected traffic, scalability needs, performance goals, and business objectives.
  • Design Our team creates high-load system architecture and determines key technologies, considering load balancing, fault tolerance, scalability, and data storage.
  • Set up We configure the environment and set up the infrastructure for the high-load development to provide sufficient resources and scalability options.
  • Development Our engineers build a system or an application, focusing on efficient algorithms, caching mechanisms, database tuning, and query optimization.
  • Testing We conduct load and performance testing to simulate high-traffic scenarios and assess the system's response under various load levels.
  • Scaling Our team secures automatic scalability for the system to handle dynamic increases in traffic and ensure efficient resource allocation.
  • Maintenance After a high-load project goes "live," we constantly support it with the latest updates and best practices to ensure the system remains efficient and scalable.

How you can benefit?

  • 01

    Boosted performance

    By processing numerous user requests concurrently, an efficient high-load system reduces response times, enhancing overall performance and throughput. Our high-load development team will help to implement the best solution tailored to your needs.

  • 02

    Enhanced processing

    Employing locking mechanisms and transaction management in our high-load web project development process for fintech and payment-related products minimizes aborted transactions, securing data consistency and transaction integrity.

  • 03

    Synchronized interactions

    Adeptly managing multiple connections and maintaining low latency, high-load systems ensure seamless user interactions across various video conferencing platforms, online chats, and multiplayer online games.

  • 04

    Increased availability

    Through resource optimization and scaling capabilities, high-load systems proficiently process requests and employ efficient indexing strategies. This reduces errors and database time-outs, leading to fewer disruptions and a seamless user experience.

  • 05

    Improved fault-tolerance

    Through our high-load development and optimization services, we enable systems to sustain heavy workloads without crashing. This capability helps to maintain uninterrupted user access and ensure optimal performance.

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