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Our professional team has all the necessary skills to perform automated testing and save your budget and time. Brights automation testing company uses only the best tools and follows all best practices achieving only the best results! Test automation helps to reduce regression testing time, so eventually, it will cut down the expenses in the long run.

Test Automation Benefits

  • Repeatability

    An automated test script prevents human errors, like manual mistakes in execution or comparison, and is always ready to instantly catch all hidden bugs.

  • Fast execution

    Automated testing doesn't get tired and can run tests non-stop 24/7. This is more effective since the local network load is reduced at night.

  • Reports

    You will have automatically generated reports about the state of the app after testing as fast as possible.

  • Lower support

    It is cheaper to write automated test scripts just once and reuse them as many times as necessary without skipping any important steps.

  • Hands-free execution

    The engineers can improve manual test case scenarios or keep the focus on exploratory testing. This "thinking" activity can help to find more bugs, while the automated test scripts are running.

Test Automation Tools

We use trending automation testing tools that are currently the best on the market:

Cypress is a Javascript End to End testing framework. Using this tool we can make automation testing for anything that runs in a web browser. It means that we can cover: functional testing, including GUI-testing, re-testing, and regression testing, cross-browser testing, etc. All the architecture around the Cypress is built to handle modern JavaScript frameworks, for instance: the latest React, Angular, Vue, etc. The architectural improvements of Cypress allow our engineers to implement a test-driven development (TDD) with full end-to-end tests. That gives us the ability to perform automation testing and development simultaneously, which can reduce the time of product delivery.

Postman is an application programming interface (API) development tool, which allows building, testing, and modifying APIs. Using this tool our engineers can perform backend testing, so that it can help to verify the main business logic without the influence of graphic user interface (GUI) and catch bugs at an early stage, which can reduce the cost. This kind of testing service sometimes can be difficult, so transformation of manual tests into fast, powerful, and productive automated test scripts can resolve every difficulty. Postman allows us to reuse test suites with automated test scripts to create a CI/CD pipeline. Automated tests and integration of them into CI/CD pipeline allow us to test every push and to be sure that no code changes will break the API in production.

Best Test Automation Practices

During the development and further testing, it is crucial to accumulate time and create the best product possible. That’s why you need to look for the best practices. Our automation testing company follows them, and therefore the final product is superb. Let’s dive into our principles to understand our service better.

  1. Effectively performed and planned selection of automation tools and implementation of the automation testing process are important.

  2. Using the widely recognized principles and design patterns, like data-driven testing or keyword-driven testing.

  3. Strong test scripts that work with various inputs can be converted into data-driven tests.

  4. Powerful and well-written test scripts that are easy to maintain.

  5. Don’t rely on UI test automation only. Use high-level tests that can be replaced by low-level. Both of them have their pros and cons, that’s why you can’t rely only on one.

The main goal is to achieve scalability and get advanced reporting options!

How We Perform Automation Testing

Automation testing helps to perform better in less time.

  • 01


    Running tests again and again helps to save time when a developer implements a new code. Using the powerful combo of and Typescript (for frontend testing) or Postman and Javascript (for backend testing) makes things easier and better.

  • 02


    Automated tests run faster and cover the main piece of functionality, so that a specialist can perform more tasks during the day and make the delivery process faster than ever. This will save money for the client and bring a robust high-quality product.

  • 03


    People can make mistakes, but automation testing can’t. It is a great opportunity to perform a repetitive and complicated test all times the same as planned.

Contact us to get more information on automation testing! Our company will guide you through all the testing steps and make sure that there are no bugs in your software!


  • Why do you need a QA engineer?

    The QA engineer knows all the specifics, steps, and best practices when performing tests. A specialist has skills that help to look deeper and understand more situations.

  • Why is functional testing significant?

    It verifies that the system is fixed for release. Here, an engineer has to validate the application to see the requirements. Such testing always concentrates on the customer's expectations.

  • What is the aim of performance testing?

    This testing checks the speed, response time, reliability, resource usage, scalability, and workload.

  • What is specific of non-functional testing?

    It is designed to test whether the system is ready, as non-functional parameters are never addressed by functional testing.

  • What is regression testing?

    It is a type of software testing that confirms that code change has not affected the existing features. Such testing is done to see that new code doesn’t have side effects or malfunctions.

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