Fintech software development

Our expertise in fintech began with the development of bots for trading on the forex exchange. Then we mastered a blockchain technologies in several projects for cryptocurrency investment and trading. Currently, in financial niche, we focus on the development of banking services and payment systems. Brights fintech software development company uses NoSQL, relational databases (RDBMS), and mathematical analysis systems. The production environment is built using Application Firewall, load balancer for web services, database replication to ensure fault tolerance and high data processing speed.

Our financial software solutions


Development of Investment Software

Our FinTech experience contains development of custom investment platforms, portfolio and asset management systems, robo advisors and artificial intelligence technologies.


Development of Trading Platforms

We specialize in Financial Data Analysis Solutions as well as any custom trading software. These can be automated trading solutions for traders, asset managers or different financial companies.


Implementation of blockchain-based solutions

Blockchain is what you are looking for, if your company needs to create decentralized system for constant data records storing. Our FinTech developers are able to adjust Blockchain to specific financial solutions.

Why FinTech

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    Financial industry is moving forward every second by software solutions. That's why FinTech startups are in great demand for this moment. They can even rival with the big market players. With the help of FinTech software, various financial companies have a great opportunity to gain new markets and audience in the financial sector.

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    The peculiarities of financial software development services require quick-witted custom software experts. Fintech software developers from Brights are armed with needed background and creative ideas on how to realize stable and secure FinTech solutions for your product.

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    FinTech is a rapid-growing industry that has significant effect on how we spend, invest or manage our finance. In addition, this sector has made changes into the interaction between the consumers and banks, investment or insurance companies.

What do we offer

  • Custom Investment Solutions

    We focus on custom investment solutions software development for individual investment as well as corporate ones. Our experience in FinTech software development and this sphere analysis let us create totally secure and scalable solutions for companies supporting investment automation and management.

  • Automated Trading Robots

    Brights company is able to build automated trading solutions for traders, asset managers, and any financial company. Our experts can help you to create automated route plans based on your trading rules and perform progressive mathematical forecasting models.

  • Financial Data Analysis Solutions

    Our team also specializes in building custom, large-scale financial and market data analysis solutions. Such means of data visualization as charts and trends with the large number of analytical methods as forecasting and pattern search might assist your clients to make better trading choice.

  • Ethereum Smart Contracts

    Self-executing contractual states, stored on the blockchain, decentralized and uncontrollable by anyone. Hence, they can be trusted. Our fintech software development company builds automatic contracts enforcement systems based on Ethereum and other platforms.

  • Different types of wallets

    Any cryptocurrency and tokens need secure storage for further safe and easy use. Our specialists provide integrations with any type of systems — custom web wallet storage and cold offline accounts.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    We offer centralized or totally decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platforms, immediate cryptocurrency exchange software integrated with liquidity pools.

  • Blockchain Backed Platforms

    Corporate-class systems based on private and/or public blockchains that provide reliable support to your company.


Project steps

We build our development cycle on the cooperation experience with FinTech startups and financial companies. It lets us quickly adapt to the market needs and always be agile during development process.

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    Identifying project scope

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    Platform evaluation

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    Feature-rich UI/UX design

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      Solution implementation

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    Release and further support

Get agile work! We conform the necessary team members based on your needs. To provide FinTech software development services, we are able to recruit more specialists and even create the external IT department just for your projects.

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