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Get one step ahead of your clients’ needs and slightly ahead of your competitors. Create top user experience in mobile applications designed by Brights software development company. Our team will turn your ideas into high-tech solutions and design mobile apps using a user-centered approach. When creating mobile applications, we adhere to modern product development practices and follow the global world’s best cases, always use our strengths and stick to our principles.

Our approach

  1. Quality control at all levels.
    The Brights mobile development team consists of experienced UI specialists. To ensure an optimal user experience, our team pays attention to testing not only performance and other technological aspects but also the usability of the graphical interface.

  2. Responsive design as a foundation.
    In order the developed mobile app to be adequately displayed and to be interactive, in the work of our mobile app development company we implement the responsive design.

  3. Sustainable quality assurance principle.

    Since the start of our activity, we have set ourselves high requirements for quality control. Our approach to quality allows us to design truly reliable and powerful mobile applications. Our testing and quality assurance teams have unique expertise and practice of testing, analytics, quality management.

  4. Reliability, safety, guarantees.

    Designing a mobile application needs complex planning, the highest quality design, clear goals, and the use of the latest technologies. Brights defines the strategy and process for creating projects of varying complexity, both cross-platform and native, web and mobile apps. Thanks to well-established processes, we guarantee security and high quality of mobile development of the digital product.

  5. All available cooperation models.

    Our priority is to build relationships, we strive not only for collaboration within the project but also for the partnership for the future. Thus, Brights web mobile developers offer great flexibility in approaching the customer experience model.

Our expertise

Brights mobile app developers have wide and successful experience in building flexible, efficient, and powerful products with digital transformation, for any industry, both for iOS and Android OSs. Our specialists have established themselves as one of the key mobile developers from Ukraine. We can compete with our colleagues from Poland, Norway, or the United States, and this is evidenced by our reviews. We offer a full range of mobile app development services: custom software, enterprise software, web design, 3D animation, education and publishing, artificial intelligence, mobile IoT development, virtual reality apps. Brights mobile app development company acts as your technical partner for any issues in mobile application development: from consulting to project implementation. With us, the development of web solutions is not a big deal.

  • Native & cross-platform software development services
  • Social net media custom mobile apps
  • Business apps
  • Maps & navigation apps
  • Personal care & productivity apps
  • Retail & ecommerce apps

Our principles

  • 01

    Ensure information security, adhere to the privacy policy, transfer the right to the code to the client.

  • 02

    Develop the project with a focus on high productivity.

  • 03

    Help client to form the concept, share vision, knowledge, and guide across trends.

  • 04

    Deliver easy applications for users; for systems the customers need.

  • 05

    Make efficient use of the device’s limited processor and memory resources in the iPhone app development.

  • 06

    Constantly monitor the quality of the product during the mobile app development and quickly improve it.

Working with our superior app developer, you will achieve the success you want, get really impressive results, and meet your expectations.


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