Face-tracking app development

Face-tracking technology is about recognition of a person’s face to provide better and up-to-date user experience and secure access to any type of online service. Face-tracking began with identifying faces on PC via digital image provided by a computer camera. Today, users more often access online services from smartphones. And face recognition systems have moved from PC to mobile. Our face-tracking app development company creates and implements the most suitable face recognition solution for your online service. Here is how we provide face tracking apps for business in Brights.

What is face-tracking technology?

  • For a long time, facial recognition has been the privilege of humans. With the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the accuracy of computer vision has raised significantly. Modern face-tracking technology allows us to recognize digital objects to the smallest detail. And the use of face recognition systems has already proven to be effective in many areas.

  • Using different features like recognizing objects on the image and sorting them by certain parameters, face-tracking technology helps to identify, find similar, define characteristics of objects (like location, mood or satisfaction level). Face-tracking technology helps to detect unacceptable content. For example, when someone tries to confuse the application by passing off the image of one person as the image of another one.

  • With the growing importance of cybersecurity and private data protection, online service providers have begun to actively implement face-tracking technology. The built-in application to identify the user by face also serves to provide better user experience — quick access from mobile, no need to request and wait for another password when forgotten.

VR face-tracking application type

VR face-tracking application is a virtual reality-based service that helps customers to try different options, change the appearance, and create unique digital content using their real appearance in real time. VR facial recognition allows helping a customer to make an individual product or service choice. This type of application also entertains customers while using the service.

The latest trends of B2C marketing require brands to be the opportunity for customer’s self-expression and to interact with the person in real time. Whatever needs to be styled — cosmetics, clothes or new looks for social media share — VR face recognition system will satisfy all the client’s preferences.

The development of VR face-tracking apps is a high potential industry to provide people with what they need to be done “right now” using just a smartphone camera and topic application.

Why choose Brights for developing face recognition apps

  1. Creating a custom face recognition app for IOS or Android is no longer a problem from a cost or functional perspective. But the approach your app development vendor chooses will define the size of the project and its final cost.

  2. The first thing we do in Brights when we receive a request for face-tracking app development, we analyze the main purpose of this application in your business model.

  3. For some clients (like online libraries or frequently used media) the aim is to help the user get reed of passwords and provide convenient access to the application from a smartphone at any time. For online services where a person’s identification is critical (like financial services or online stores) the aim is to protect the user from losing money and to ensure the service provider will receive payment for a transaction. For services that want to measure the level of customer’s response could be important to identify his mood via face-tracking technology capabilities. Our face-tracking app development company is able to develop software for all of the above needs.

  4. In VR face-tracking application type, interactive and quick response will be of top importance.

  5. Choosing relevant face-tracking technology for your type of business model is one of the most critical decisions to save time, get app ROI, and increase customer satisfaction level.

  6. Here is what our clients say when we ask them “why to hire Brights for mobile app development?”. — You get exactly what you need at the time you expect.

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