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Node.js is an open-source cross-platform JavaScript framework. The main peculiarity of Node.js refers to the JavaScript V8 engine and the Google Chrome core running separately from the browser. Moreover, this instrument is suitable for a project of any complexity. Such benefits give Node.js maximum performance and provide many asynchronous I/O primitives in its typical library, which helps to get free functioning of JavaScript code.

Why Choose Node.js

Node.js offers an undeniable advantage to the vast quantity of Node.js developers who use JavaScript on behalf of the browser, allowing them to use only one language writing server-side code towards the client-side ones. The prominent Node.js benefits, which perfectly complement the functionality of this technology for real-time app development, are:

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    The program running depends on the actions of the user or the program, received network packet, etc. Such a solution simplifies the programming of interactive applications, based on input-output processes.

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    The platform contains its own tools and features, for example, there are no browser APIs, cookies, or DOM, but there are its own libraries and other interesting solutions. But mainly the features and syntax of familiar JavaScript are used.

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    The platform initially had a wide range of features, and new versions of the library were replenished and improved.

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    Usage of the NPM package manager allows developers to constantly develop the Node ecosystem. Today, the number of open-source packages in it has exceeded 500 thousand and is constantly growing

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    JavaScript was created as an interpreted script language. But the process of its interpretation is not as fast and simple as developers would like. At the same time, the language develops, it became full-fledged a long time ago, large programs can be written on JavaScript.

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    Thousands of interested programmers from different countries work to improve the platform. The project is distributed as open-sourced and therefore is developing at a tremendous pace. The Node.js Foundation coordinates the whole work.

Prominent projects using Node.js

  • Mozilla

    The developers of the browser say that Node.js has greatly simplified the work, due to the use of one language for the backend and frontend, as well as the amount of memory required for the system functioning.

  • Paypal

    Paypal used Node.js to develop its own consumer-oriented web applications. Paypal programmers say that Node has helped to proceed with a connection between the browser and the server because both sides are based on the same language.

  • eBay

    The website architects wanted to create a great responsive web platform — interactive and able to interact with visitors in real time. Thanks to Node.js, they set up the interaction of services, the information of which is continuously updated on the site.

  • Walmart

    The world's largest retail chain has begun selling products via the Internet. For this, an application with asynchronous input/output was created. It has saved a lot of resources for supermarkets.

  • Netflix

    Netflix UI is built with the help of Node.js. This technology has established itself as highly workable and very functioning, so the corporation continues to integrate it into other projects.

  • Uber

    Uber is a bright example of Node.js applications. Thanks to this technology, the company has got both an effective and inexpensive mobile app in a view of development.

Why Choose Brights as Your Node.js App Development Company

Brights has been developing complex and effective solutions using Node.js technology for a long time. Our experience in development allows our team to find the best solutions for a company of any industry and field of activity. Our clients get only a stable and operational product, whether the product is multifaceted, one-of-a-kind, or not. Our Node.js specialists carry out projects in time and completely cover all the needs of any client.

  1. Node.js Development Expertise. The strong technical experience of our Brights Node.js developers allows them to create complex and fully functional projects for various business areas.

  2. The latest technology and creativity. Our team offers individual solutions that will meet all the features of your business. We provide services, based on creativity, the latest technology, and flexible solutions in the field of web development, which will allow you to get the expected response from your project.

  3. Cost-Effective Node.js Solutions. Our Node.js web development company aims to help your business be profitable and modern. You will appreciate our knowledge of flexible work methodologies and get the proper Node.js technologies for your project at a profitable price.

  4. Scalability with reliability. We are responsible for both one-time and long-term projects. This means that our Node.js web development team will provide the most advanced Node.js services including three key points such as the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of your application.

Mostly Node.js is used for a backend. But the frontend uses Javascript too. Thanks to this, developers can write both back and front in the same language. With Node.js, you can also design desktop and mixed mobile applications, as well as solutions in cloud or IoT spheres. Its versatility is a great way to minimize project costs, as all this can be done by one development team.

Security tools in Node.js

  1. Certified modules. A certified security module can verify any external codes that are implemented in your product.

  2. Regular update. Development services are systematically updated, which will help you secure your codes due to their higher grades, than possible crackers have.

  3. Curated screener. The curated screener could be operated in your web apps to explore regularly the potential security weakness of your software.

  4. Authorization codes. Your Node.js web apps can be secured by authorization codes. In this case, any third-party programs that will use Node.js will be redirected to the resource provider’s network with the help of the "Get" permission request method.


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