Dedicated Development Team

For the full-cycle product development, we generate a team, which includes a project manager, biz analyst, UI/UX designer, team lead, front and back-end software developers, DevOps, and QA engineer. These specialists are chosen according to the customer’s requirements in terms of their expertise, qualifications and skills. In collaboration with the product owner and customer-side stakeholders, we produce effective, actual, and profitable software products. The dedicated development team is fully concentrated on the IT solutions, while the customer administrates the workflow and gets the opportunity to focus on the top-ranking tasks.

Advantages of hiring
the dedicated developers

  1. Team involvement. Specialists have a full realizing of the customer’s project and biz objectives.

  2. Transparent budget. Dedicated team model has a plain, loyal, and obvious price policy. It is more inexpensive and economically beneficial.

  3. Ability to make adjustments. Since the workload is not exactly outlined, requests and demands can be varied at any time.

  4. Workflow monitoring. You have permanent connection with the team around the world due to modern technologies. Always in touch. Constant feedback.

  5. Task focus & adaptability. Our experts are focused on one project and is completely devoted to the one customer.

  6. Collaboration experience. The ability to select the right specialists — quick input and output of team members, stability and sticking to deadlines.

  7. Uninterrupted integration. To achieve great success, the project must constantly progress — add fresh features and improve existing technologies.

  8. Quick development cycle. With a more practical approach from the client and a focused development team, the procedure goes faster and takes less time.

  9. Management and total control. A clear management system and the possibility to take an absolute control over the project or delegate it to the masters.

  10. Reduced training and organization time. There is no need to educate new developers to build the project, as well as to equip a working environment or office. 

Dedicated team in outsourcing is an ideal decision for a changeable project with shifting demands and tasks, but with an obvious final goal. By the way, it can either work independently or join the in-house team. Thus, if you need such one, just hire a dedicated development team and experience all benefits of this approach to the app development process. All of them can be effectively arranged due to modern capabilities for remote collaboration and tracking tasks in accordance with the principles of software development methodologies.

How can our team help your project?

Our company offers a flexible strategy of partnership, and each BRIGHTS client selects the optimal interaction model, based on the specifications of the project and the aims that need to be reached. How is it useful for your project? Let’s figure it out.

  1. TO START. You explain the general vision and the main ways of the project extension. You define the BRIGHTS software specialists you need, and then you and your supplier set the conditions of the contract that will determine your cooperation.

  2. CONVENIENT COOPERATION. You cooperate with the team of experts as if they were your own co-workers, following the contract data. Specific details will vary depending on your project: development of web application or website design.

  3. TRANSPARENT PAYMENTS. Payment for services is made monthly: it includes the remuneration of each member and the provider’s reward.

  4. OPTION FOR SCALABILITY. You, as our customer, always have the opportunity to expand or reduce the team to meet your needs.

BRIGHTS team is always a great decision for dynamic companies that are constantly working on renovation and improving their product.

Why choose Brights?

Despite the fact that we are from Ukraine, all our developers are English-speaking. And this means that you won't have any difficulties with communication. Brights company has an extensive experience in working for customers from the USA and Europe. And you can readily see for yourself — just check out our cases, examples of our works, and custom reviews.  Our company is in no way inferior to the colleagues from the United States. Hire our dedicated development team from Ukraine and get one command with various specializations and qualifications; prompt gathering and training; constant communication and topnotch product.

In fact, there are no limitations. Remote software specialists can strengthen both lead-off startups and large enterprises. It is vital to hire dedicated teams in such cases:

  • Analytics you want to release your project as fast as possible;
  • Analytics you have a concept, but don’t have own team;
  • Analytics you want to save on quality assurance, analysis, test;
  • Analytics you guess that the development process may require a team expansion;
  • Analytics you are interested in an involvement of highly qualified specialists for a short time.

How do we run a Dedicated Team Model?

  • PM connection A Product Manager acts as the only contact person for any questions.
  • roadmap preparation PM outlines the workload for a period of 2 — 4 months, divided into iterations for 1-2 weeks.
  • team assignment The dedicated team works taking into account the program, established by the customer, and possesses the required competencies.
  • start of work Holding a kick-off meeting: introducing the client, discussion of the terms of cooperation, setting goals.
  • iteration development We work with task managers. At the end of each iteration, we review the results.
  • control From the very beginning of the project, we connect curators: technical, business, and QA ones.
  • end of work Summing up, delivery of the project or transition to the ensuing phase of project development.


  • What is unique about the Dedicated Team Model?

    With this model, you hire the BRIGHTS team of professionals that includes more than just software developers — designers, quality assurance specialists, PMs, cloud engineers, and so on. Only you make the decision about how many and what kind of specialists you need: the required degree of their knowledge and qualifications. The provider takes responsibility for such matters as infrastructure, recruitment, and executive support.

  • How long does it take to organize the proper team?

    It all depends. Some customers trust the hiring of team members to PMs and rely on their opinion. Some, in turn, take an active part in all interviews, they personally check the CVs of all potential candidates. In practice, the whole proc takes from one to four weeks to form a team ready to get started. If you need a team of 10 software specialists, we usually recommend that you bring 2-3 engineers and gradually increase the size of the team as the project progresses. In practice, such a solution is much more effective than involving 10 people from the very beginning.

  • What is the cost of this service?

    BRIGHTS offers a weekly or monthly payment for the services, which is formed depending on the rating of team members and their quantity.

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