Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated team model means you share the idea and requirements, and we assemble a team of specialists to bring your project to “live.” Building custom solutions for startups and enterprises, our dedicated software development team works as an autonomously functioning unit, focusing on performance, delivery, and security.

Service we offer

With 100+ qualified professionals in Poland and Ukraine, our dedicated development team provides you with technology, industry, and solution-wide expertise to tackle a project of any complexity. We offer full-cycle software development services including, but not limited to:

How can you benefit?

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    Focused involvement

    Our experts, engaged in your dedicated team, work exclusively with you. They become not just team members but knowledge holders, understanding your product's decision logic from the outset and supporting the project continually.

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    Collaborating as your dedicated software development team, we diligently monitor the budget and timeline, carefully making necessary adjustments with your approval. We are committed to providing accurate task estimates and strive to fulfill them within the schedule, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

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    Delivery management

    With our vast team management experience, we efficiently juggle constant workflows, delivery speed, and dedicated team performance, fast-tracking your project's path to its goals.

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    Adjustable financing

    To ensure optimal financial flexibility, we have developed two payment models: monthly and per sprint. Choose what suits your needs best, regardless of the number of specialists in your dedicated team.

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    Leading expertise

    With a culture centered on knowledge sharing, our team provides unique insights from a 12-year cross-industry journey. Addressing specific tasks or corner cases, we can provide free-of-charge consultations with our CTO and top experts for efficient problem-solving.

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    Adaptable staffing

    Whenever your project’s requirements or needs change, we can quickly extend your dedicated team with highly qualified experts to boost the delivery or fill the expertise gap, ensuring development progress.

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    Partnership approach

    Our aim is open and transparent communication and collaboration. We join forces to make your project a win. Your product owner sets priorities and project direction, and our dedicated team of talented professionals ensures powerful performance.

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    One, two, kick-off!

    The instant your agreement to collaborate is in place, we start assembling relevant specialists to match your project's requirements. Our skilled engineers are ready to take over tasks within weeks of your request landing in our inbox.

Suitable cooperation model

Outsourcing software development to our dedicated team is the right choice when you:

  1. lack in-house IT development expertise for the project;

  2. have a concept in mind and require a team of professionals to realize it;

  3. wish to save resources on recruiting skilled specialists separately;

  4. require experienced specialists to get the project off the ground quickly;

  5. plan a long-term project and require assistance in defining and implementing the essential scope of work;

  6. looking for a reliable tech partner to ensure clarity and efficiency in development at all stages.

With the Dedicated Team cooperation model, you can concentrate on high-priority tasks while our dedicated development team of experts manages performance and delivery. We communicate development progress timely and clear to ensure team efforts reach your goals. We also offer the flexibility to adjust your dedicated team with competent professionals along the way to boost the project with top expertise or niche-specific skills.

Whether the goal is to boost your technical expertise or broaden your development capabilities, our dedicated team from Ukraine helps to enhance your project with qualified English-speaking specialists. Strengthening your tech capacity with a fully autonomous dedicated team, we assure close collaboration on building top-notch solutions.

How to start?

At the beginning of the collaboration, you just need a clear understanding of what is required. If you have an initial scope in mind, we will help transform it into a precise specification.

Specialists for Dedicated Development

We combine our best talents to fuel your idea realization. All our team members have passed the necessary technical interviews and contributed to extending our portfolio with successfully launched projects.

Who can join your dedicated development team?

  1. Business analysts evaluate and determine project requirements and collaborate with designers for prototype creation to establish a bridge between the development team and product end users.

  2. Front-end developers translate stunning designs into seamless code, crafting interactive elements for a smooth user experience and ensuring product functionality and cross-platform compatibility.

  3. Back-end developers create efficient server-side code and manage databases for peak performance, upholding data security and optimizing system speed and scalability.

  4. QA engineers secure the timely detection of errors and bugs at different development stages, which increases software reliability and ensures high product quality.

  5. UX/UI designers employ market research and user insights to create exceptional design concepts, intuitive interfaces, and engaging experiences for user-adored solutions.

  6. DevOps engineers oversee the creation, testing, and maintenance of stable infrastructure for rapid product development, supporting a streamlined launch and easy scaling.

  7. Project managers coordinate project scope and progress, ensuring effective communication with product stakeholders, risk mitigation, resource optimization, and on-schedule delivery.

  8. SEO & Marketing specialists guide technical and content optimization and assist with ideal customer profiles and digital strategy creation for the complex project promo.


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