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Unlock the potential of custom AI solutions with Brights, your trusted AI development company. Collaborate with our seasoned AI developers to bring your boldest ideas to life. Whether it's automating processes, enhancing user experiences, or predicting market trends, we've got the AI expertise to make it happen.

AI software development use cases

  • Analytics

    Use AI to streamline your business operations, automate time-consuming tasks, and optimize resource allocation, boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Analytics

    Harness the power of AI-driven analytics to gain actionable insights from complex data, empowering informed decision-making, and market trends understanding.

  • Analytics

    Integrate AI-infused features into existing product to get a significant increase in the value of your offerings and elevate customer engagement and satisfaction.

AI development services we offer

  • AI Consulting Services

    We work closely with you to understand your specific challenges and goals. During AI consulting, our team of experts identifies and resolves strategic uncertainties, providing clarity on AI opportunities for your business. Afterward, we craft a roadmap for seamless AI integration, ensuring precise alignment with your business objectives.

  • AI Model Integration and Fine-Tuning

    We integrate AI models seamlessly into your existing business systems, ensuring they harmonize perfectly with your unique operational needs. Acknowledging the diverse nature of AI models, we refine and adjust algorithms to suit your specific business context. We also adeptly pre-train models before integration into your existing project, guaranteeing a cohesive and tailored AI implementation.

  • AI Solution Support & Maintenance

    We ensure the ongoing success of your AI models with our maintenance services. From post-release support and on-demand consultation for model improvements to timely updates that maintain peak performance, we provide continuous support. Our fine-tuning adapts to evolving business needs, and we prioritize continuous feedback to ensure your AI models consistently deliver optimal quality and performance.

Our expertise in custom AI solutions

  • 01


    From enhanced security through face recognition to improved operational efficiency with smart transportation analytics, our AI expertise contributes to tangible business benefits. We ensure that your organization maximizes the potential of computer vision, unlocking strategic insights and staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

  • 02


    Harness the power of deep learning to analyze user behavior, detect data patterns, and formulate a robust client segmentation strategy. At Brights, we elevate your business with NLP solutions that will help boost your online visibility, delve into what your customers really want, and offer a personalized service that truly speaks to them.

  • 03


    Seize a strategic advantage by peering into the future through the lens of past and current data. Brights can help you move beyond assumptions and empower you to understand and prepare for future changes. Our predictive analytics expertise ensures you stay ahead of the curve, anticipating shifts in your company, clients' behavior, and the industry at large.

  • 04


    Quickly create content that resonates with your audience, enrich your business intelligence with insightful data analysis, and streamline your operations by automating routine tasks. Rely on our experienced generative AI team to build tailored solutions that guide your business toward leading-edge advancements.

  • 05


    Effortlessly extract valuable information from printed or handwritten documents with our cutting-edge OCR data capture services. Whether you need to digitize vast archives, streamline document processing, or enhance information retrieval, we can integrate accurate and efficient OCR capabilities into your business.

  • 06


    Convert spoken words into written text or transform written text into natural-sounding speech with our comprehensive speech recognition development services. Our team empowers your applications with versatile language processing capabilities, enabling a dynamic range of interactions and enhancing communication across various platforms.

The difference between ML and AI

A lot of people conflate AI and ML, and it can be really hard to understand the difference between the two. ML is a subset of AI, focusing on designing algorithms that enable systems to learn from data and make predictions or decisions based on it. Meanwhile, AI encompasses a more extensive range, involving machines acting like humans to do all sorts of tasks, which can include but is not limited to machine learning.

At Brights, our expertise in machine learning is underpinned by a deep understanding of algorithms, statistical models, and data patterns. This allows us to develop highly accurate predictive models, optimize decision-making processes, and extract meaningful insights from complex datasets.

Extending our AI engineering services beyond ML, we encompass a comprehensive approach that leverages the broader spectrum of artificial intelligence for innovative and impactful solutions.

Industries we’re experts in

  • Fintech: Advanced fraud detection, risk and investment management, credit scoring evaluation, trading, conversational banking, and portfolio optimization.

  • Retail: AI-driven inventory management, personalized customer experiences, and demand forecasting.

  • Edtech: Personalized learning platforms, student performance analytics, AI-based assessment tools, and content recommendation systems.

  • Healthcare: Predictive diagnostics, patient care optimization, computer vision for diagnosis and surgery, and data-driven decision support for medical professionals.

  • Supply chain & logistics: AI applications for demand forecasting, enhanced warehouse operations, seamless supply chain management, and route optimization.

  • Manufacturing: AI-powered inventory management, automated quality control systems, predictive maintenance.

The process of our AI development services

  • Problem Identification and Analysis In the initial phase, we define the goals and objectives of your AI project, aiming to address specific business problems or opportunities. Our comprehensive analysis also extends to industry intricacies, ensuring a thorough understanding of the context in which AI solution will operate.
  • Data Collection and Preparation We conduct a thorough analysis of both current and potential data sources to gather relevant structured and unstructured data. Then our experts diligently clean and preprocess this data, ensuring its quality and relevance for training the AI model.
  • Model Selection and Development In this stage, we choose appropriate AI/ML algorithms based on the identified problem types. The development process involves creating a prototype model using the selected algorithms, ensuring alignment with the initial goals and the unique aspects of your project.
  • Design The design phase often goes hand in hand with the previous step. Starting with a tailored plan for the AI model's architecture, our team crafts user flows and key screens, ensuring they align seamlessly with the identified problem and the overall objectives.
  • Training and Validation Subsequently, we embark on training the AI model using the provided dataset and its performance validation against a separate dataset. Fine-tuning of the model parameters is performed to achieve optimal results and refine its capabilities for real-world application.
  • Testing and Evaluation The AI model undergoes rigorous testing using a dedicated test dataset to assess real-world performance. Evaluation criteria include accuracy, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring that the model meets predefined success metrics.
  • Integration and Deployment Upon successful testing, the AI model is integrated into your existing business environment and deployed for actual use. Our focus remains on ensuring smooth operation and compatibility with other systems within your business systems.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance To guarantee sustained success, we establish continuous monitoring of custom AI software development performance and accuracy. Regular updates and retrains are implemented as needed based on new data inputs, providing ongoing support and maintenance to keep the AI model at peak efficiency.

Why Brights is your perfect partner

Strategic AI integration

Strategic AI integration

We go beyond mere AI software development; we strategically integrate AI into your core business processes. We develop tailored AI solutions to address the specific needs of your industry, ensuring both relevance and effectiveness.

Responsible innovation

Responsible innovation

Our expertise in artificial intelligence is built on principles of responsible usage of technology and puts ethical practices, inclusivity, and privacy at the forefront.

Collaborative partnership approach

Collaborative partnership approach

At the heart of our philosophy is building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. Our team aligns seamlessly with your business culture and values, fostering a harmonious and productive partnership for mutual success.

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