Cloud Migration Services

Enhance your business capabilities with Cloud Migration. Our expert team can secure your seamless transition to the Cloud to eliminate unnecessary infrastructure risks, boost operations, and ensure scalable growth.

What we offer

  • Cloud architecture development

    We create a robust cloud infrastructure layout and seamlessly integrate all essential components and technologies needed to run and deploy applications in AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, and other cloud environments.

  • Terraform and Ansible scripts set up

    We automate and manage your cloud applications, platforms, and services using Terraform for provisioning and Ansible for configuration, ensuring efficient and reliable cloud infrastructure maintenance.

  • New CI/CD pipelines configuring

    We optimize testing and delivery of your cloud migration process with CI/CD pipeline configuration. By leveraging advanced tools like Jenkins, GitHub Actions, or Bitbucket pipelines, we help improve deployment speed and quality.

  • Monitoring set up

    We assist with the migration of your business to the cloud by leveraging automated tools for tracking, troubleshooting, and analyzing the cloud-based services and applications efficiency. This ensures a comprehensive view of the cloud infrastructure and leads to performance optimization.

  • Autoscaling configuring

    We offer customized autoscaling configurations for your cloud applications, facilitating automatic resource adaptation in response to varying workload volumes. This guarantees peak performance and cost efficiency by harnessing resources only when necessary.

  • Codebase refactoring

    To enhance overall system performance, reduce risks, and facilitate easier future updates, our developers can review your existing code, identify improvement areas, and restructure it without changing its operational behavior.

  • Audit and consulting

    We conduct a thorough analysis of your business infrastructure and offer cloud migration consulting services to provide tailored recommendations for financial optimization while maintaining a high level of system’s performance.

Migrating to Cloud, you will get

  • 01

    Enhanced performance

    Our cloud migration process begins with a detailed and highly-critique review of the whole IT infrastructure involving codebase refactoring. Arising in the process, business-vital questions provide valuable insights for essential improvement and innovation.

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    Efficiency and scalability

    Cloud migration adapts business infrastructure to current needs, shedding reliance on outdated, costly equipment. By using a 'pay-per-use' model, cloud systems offer cost-effective resource use, enabling financial sustainability.

  • 03

    Elevated data security

    Powered by automatic security upgrades, reliable backups, and granular access control, cloud migration solutions heighten data security, uphold data integrity, and enable secure, constant global infrastructure access.

Our expertise

We specialize in cloud migration of on-premise deployed applications, data warehouses on local servers, applications using classic hosting, and desktop applications. By moving your entire IT ecosystem from legacy software infrastructure to the cloud, our team provides you with innovative cloud features to ensure top-notch security, cost-efficiency, and operational flexibility.

Our qualified experts also help to choose the most suitable cloud option for your data and products with cloud migration consulting. We analyze your IT infrastructure and create a tailored Cloud to Cloud migration strategy to improve its maintenance and performance while reducing unnecessary risks and ensuring optimal efficiency.

Trusted technologies

  • Migrate to AWS

    Access a wide range of cloud services with AWS, such as EC2 and Amazon CloudWatch, which allow the virtual server launching from 70+ data centers globally and provide real-time monitoring.

  • Transfer to Azure

    Benefit with license reliable and cost-effective services of Microsoft Azure cloud with rich IoT and AI capabilities.

  • Scale with Digital Ocean

    Scale, balance, and protect your business, ensuring 99.99% uptime with powerful Kubernetes service on Digital Ocean.

  • Accelerate with PaaS

    PaaS solutions excels at swift deployment and code testing, and ideal for short-term projects. Leverage Heroku or Vercel benefits to enable rapid and smooth migration to the cloud.

Strategies suited to your case

Lift and shift. In the lift and shift model, business infrastructure is moved from an initial environment with quite little or no modifications at all. If modifications are applied, they implement the minimum changes needed for the infrastructure to function in the cloud. This model is perfect for businesses that require minor adjustments and rapid migration.

Improve and move. With this type of migration, our cloud migration company can help to modernize the ITinfrastructure during the migration process. Business benefits from cloud-native capabilities such as scalability, security, and mobility, while migrating to the cloud. Improve and move model is suitable for companies that have a necessity for major updates.

Remove and replace. This strategy is employed when a project requires a complete redesign to become cloud-native. Completely rewritten, your solution can leverage all cloud features and updates, enhancing your business capabilities. The remove and replace model applies when the existing infrastructure no longer meets the business needs and a total replacement serves more efficiently.

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