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Empower your team quickly and accelerate growth by outsourcing IT team extension to us. We offer to skip recruitment and employment hassle by providing you with relevant skilled professionals from our in-house software development team ready to step in. Our talents can seamlessly integrate into your internal team, addressing skill gaps and giving you the flexibility and capacity to scale and adapt to new challenges.

Our IT team extension process

How do we select the specialists?

We can expand your team with our exclusive in-house business analysts, developers, DevOps, UI/UX designers, QA and SEO specialists, or project managers based on your specific requirements.

All our team members have passed technical interviews and possess the required experience level. We are open to supplemental skill checks with your technical specialist in addition to our screening, maintaining transparency from the very beginning of our cooperation.

Our tech stack

Front-end: Vue.js, Vue, React, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Redux, Chart.js

Back-end: PHP (Laravel, Symphony), ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, Node.js, Nest.js, Swagger, REST API, GraphQL, Apollo-graphql

Mobile: React Native, Kotlin, Swift

Languages: Javascript, ES6, Typescript, SQL, C#

Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, SQL Server, NoSQL

Infrastructure: DigitalOcean, AWS (services: SQS, SNS, ECS, S3), Heroku, Azure, Serverless, BitBucket, GitHub

When to benefit from Team Extension?

Allowing you to stay agile and competitive, our software development team offers flexible stuff augmentation to boost the delivery with specialized expertise. Whether you need a technical expert to streamline established development processes or a professional to build a complex custom integration or new product, we provide relevant talents.

  1. Boosting existing product
    Engage wide-ranging knowledge and backgrounds, or specific expertise, to enhance your fully developed product. Whether you need to build new features or a complete product upgrade, you can quickly extend your workforce and bring ideas to life with streamlined direct project oversight.

  2. Short-term or complex projects
    Whether you need to overcome immediate challenges or have a new initiative in mind, IT team extension helps to strengthen the in-house expertise to see it through. We bring fresh perspectives and niche-specific skills to your team, delivering results that meet your needs for as long as you require.

  3. Optimizing budget & resources
    You can channel more assets into talents and competencies by outsourcing development to the extended team or specialist. Team Extension helps to accelerate the delivery speed, and enhance expertise or bandwidth while saving budget on recruitment and employment matters, including office maintenance, taxes, and compensations. You got all covered.

What we offer

  • 01

    Ready-to-work professionals

    We immediately provide relevant experienced specialists, eliminating the need to screen hundreds of junior candidates. Our outsourcing IT team offers to save time in a tedious recruitment process and jump ahead to solving tasks with skilled experts matching your requirements.

  • 02

    Quick team enhancement

    We aimed to rapidly onboard professionals eager to get started delivering results within a week. Our IT outsourcing services include handling all necessary paperwork, equipment, subscriptions, taxes, insurance, vacations, and professional and personal support, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

  • 03

    Exclusive expertise access

    By extending your capabilities with a skilled professional, you also gain access to the in-depth expertise of our software development team, acquired across various industries and solutions over the years. If you face non-trivial or highly specific tasks, our CTO and other top experts with wide-ranging competence and backgrounds will help tackle them efficiently and effectively.

  • 04

    Loyal team players

    Collaborating within the Team Extension model, we exclusively engage our onboarded specialists who contributed to the 400+ successful products under our belt. 12 years of team management and talent growth allow us to equip your project with reliable teammates to find solutions together and support goals in the long run.

  • 05

    Long-term focus

    We aim for a timely, open communication and partnership approach where everyone involved is interested in the product's success. We recommend solutions and explain potential consequences, ensure our specialists fit your requirements, and can easily upgrade the team whenever the business demands change.

  • 06

    White-labeled delivery

    Your skilled team is working on a stellar project, and our Team Extension provides a tech expertise boost to drive its success. And nobody knows we were here.

Deciding on cooperation model

The primary question you need to answer choosing a suitable cooperation model is if you have the resources to manage the development team. IT staff augmentation services we offer include Dedicated and Extended Team development, which differentiate mainly in management.

Within a Dedicated Team cooperation model, we assemble a devoted team to make your project successful. We ensure that your Dedicated Development Team covers project needs and meets all requirements stated at the beginning. Your Dedicated Team members work exclusively with you, becoming knowledge holders and comprehending entire project decision logic.

Everyone you need can be on the team: project manager, business analyst, UI/UX designers, back-end and front-end software developers, DevOps, QA engineer, or SEO specialist.

We form a fully functional unit with relevant experience and expertise responsible for performance, delivery, and sustaining a continuous work scope.

Alternatively, in the Team Extension cooperation model, the product owner directly manages team performance and delivery. An associated risk here is scope creep, which occurs when project requirements change midway through, leading to a gradual scope expansion, and project delays. A lack of comprehensive tech expertise can also challenge task specifications and delivery management.

Joining forces within the Team Extension model, we team up to find solutions together. To address any expertise gaps, we provide access to our top specialist’s valuable insights and experience to streamline development speed and effectiveness.

By augmenting your team with our skilled professionals, we guarantee seamless integration, presenting ample opportunities for engagement and oversight at each stage of collaboration. The main focus of our IT team extension services is to equip your project with a capable expert possessing the required knowledge and skills, prepared to tackle tasks within just one week.

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