Trust – a scanner for tobacco products

What is Trust? The Trust is mobile scan-application that allows top tobacco manufacturers scan items (such as boxes and blocks), manage them with big cloud base of the products and keep up-to-date statistic.


The main idea of this aplication was to create simple and well effective app to make company processes faster at management and easy in the usability.

Scanning of the products allow all company members reach any product, add it in the one comapany base, track it, manage the statistic and maintain the logistic of all products.

Our approach

We have simple and quite promising task make processes ultimate for any kind of company workers: from box-operators to the top managers.

Previous system was too complicated and cluttered so we decide to rethink it globally.


For the technical side, our development team chose based on ASP.NET Corer that is delivering ultra-fast, dynamic, personalized experiences.

Kotlin Java DigitalOcean REST API Automation testing

Scope of work

We had to create an application that will be simple and well useable enough to cover all aspects of company needs. The scope of work was defined as:

Data collection

UX Research

Design Phase

User Testing



In the prototype stage we decide the user can enter the system by the two methods: via loging and password and via QR-code code itself. Such kind of aprroach is indicate the main goal of the allpication — easy and fast manage huge amount of the company products.


We start our design from building the visual language of colours, shapes, typograhy and the meaning of the whole system.

After the visual direction was approved, we developed a system of UI elements to expand it through all pages.


The new app is easy in use, helps companies to structures and manage all the goods.


Please, meet Zebra. Zebra is a scanning machine that works on Android. We also integrate our system to the Zebra so with this its allows all box-operators integrate in one system and manage big amount of products very quick.

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