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Java is one of the most popular and common programming languages. It is great for the development of web and mobile apps of any size, scale, difficulty level. This language is chosen by Amazon, Linkedin, Google, Twitter, FB. And that says it all. Development of mission-critical business apps for customers, launching innovative projects and technology products using the Java platform is the key direction of the activity of our Java web application development company.

Our services

We apply the latest technologies in our work, implement the best industry practices, and offer only the best digital solutions, based on Java/J2EE methodologies and migration to them. Regardless of whether it is a startup or a huge enterprise, regardless of the business industry (e-commerce or non-commercial website, blog or media, logistics or social net, real estate or manufacturing, etc.), we develop required Java applications that solve any case.

IoT projects

As a versatile provider of IoT solutions, we concentrate on every aspect of the ecosystem at all levels: device, gateway, content management, UI. Open up new product/service possibilities and expand your market presence. Get software that provides industrial, automotive, agricultural, healthcare, and retail IoT, smart cities. Turn your data into money with IoT: AI for big data analytics in cloud and local storage, user analytics for marketing & predictive analytics, business intelligence, etc.

Web Apps and API

Full-cycle product design, based on the Java web development services, is our specialty. Brights agency provides services at all stages of the API and web app development: from the first consultation to the end product delivery. Our many years of expertise in developing web apps and API is extensive. We are expert Java developers who provide advanced services for global companies around the world — both API and Java web apps or mobile app design.

Custom software

BRIGHTS leading Java developers provide a full cycle of custom product development. Java development services are ideal for designing web applications such as CMS, CRM, or ERP system, as well as systems that keep info in databases. Specialists of Brights development company partner with enterprises and develop hi-tech Java custom software based on our resources and proven practices.

Technology stack at Brights company

  1. Spring
    ​It is the most popular framework in the Java environment and is best suited for developing complex apps, which require the highest quality. We use it to create high-performance, testable, reusable code and build large scale complex Java apps.

  2. Hibernate
    Its goal is to free the developer from a significant amount of relatively low-level programming when working in object-oriented tools in a relational database. Hibernate is powerful, scalable, and customized.

  3. RabbitMQ
    It is one of the best solutions for easy and rapid queuing messages for asynchronous processing in any Java project. RabbitMQ is quite simple and surprisingly reliable.

  4. Kafka
    It is a Java platform messaging manager with such benefits: reliability, scalability, productivity, mobility. We use Kafka in many cases: metrics, log aggregation solution, streaming processing.

Why choose Brights?

Your business needs a custom Java-based solution, but you don’t have an in-house programming department? Then hiring specialists from the Brights Java web development company from Ukraine is a good decision.

8 reasons why.

  1. Strong Java expertise.  Most of our programmers are middle and top-level developers with extensive experience in developing Java projects similar to yours.

  2. Competitive pricing policy. Development at Brights is always cost-effective, but at the same time the quality is certainly top-notch.

  3. Versatility. Our Java team is skilled in the Java frameworks and connected set of web servers to deliver robust and developed Java mobile apps or the web ones.

  4. Flexibility. We offer exclusive Java software development services to meet all the requirements of our clients.

  5. Support and handling. We offer the full cycle of development: from consulting services to further maintenance.

  6. International activity. We successfully deliver Java web development solutions for businesses all over the world, helping them stay ahead of the competition.

  7. An individual approach. We know how to use the advantages of Java in your favor.

  8. Аny requests. A full range of services. For diverse industries. Explore our portfolio, contact and follow us for more.

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