Headless CMS Storyblok

Storyblok is a versatile Headless Content Management System with an intuitive Visual Editor. While our developers use it to build robust and speedy websites, non-technical content creators benefit from autonomously editing content across diverse digital platforms. Brights team is Storyblok Certified Partner.

Storyblok features

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    Visual Editor

    Marketers can publish content intuitively and collaborate with teammates effortlessly. The editor allows to customize content with drag-and-drop functionality, real-time previews, and instant updates.

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    Digital Asset Manager

    The assets can be found and managed efficiently in a central content hub. Managers get insights into user activity, track performance metrics, and assign ownership roles.

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    Headless CMS

    API-first CMS architecture enables to apply any tech stack and publish a solution to any front-end or framework. The cloud-based systems are regularly updated to stay up to the latest technology.

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    Composable Components

    With Composable Components, static web templates are transformed into dynamic and adaptable building blocks that integrate and adapt to any digital platform.

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    A webhook is a communication channel between apps, enabling instant information transfer. It can trigger processes whenever content changes occur, ensuring a website stays updated.

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    For products with multiple languages, it's easy to create various versions of content and associate them with different language options.

What is headless CMS?

A headless CMS is a backend-only content management system composed of structured content storage, an intuitive administration interface, and an API. It empowers businesses to deliver content seamlessly across platforms like websites, mobile apps, AR/VR, and smart speakers. The concept of headless CMS arose to meet the needs of modern users for omnichannel capabilities and maximize content value through API-powered flexibility.

How you can benefit

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    Reduced Time to Market

    By enabling more frequent updates, businesses respond quickly to market demands, engage customers with fresh content, and keep them on websites for longer. Increased agility and speed in content updates can lead to better customer experiences and potentially higher conversions.

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    Increased ROI

    Through an independent Total Economic Impact™ study by Forrester Consulting, organizations that switched to Storyblok's CMS achieved a remarkable 582% Return on Investment (ROI) over three years. The analysis demonstrates the impact in terms of cost savings, increased productivity, and revenue growth.

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    Boosted Productivity

    Content creators can easily pick up where they left off or collaborate with others, reducing dependency on developers. The streamlined user journey, from content creation to timing, targeting, and testing, leads to a three-fold boost in efficiency and productivity across the board.

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