TRES BIEN: A Website Development for Decentralized Marketing Agency

The ability to capture and retain the attention of consumers has become a critical factor in brand success.This case study delves into the challenges faced, strategies employed, and the ultimate success achieved by the collaboration between TRES BIEN and our team. Together, we created an immersive digital experience that elevates TRES BIEN's brand and resonates with its diverse and discerning clientele.

About the Client

TRES BIEN, established in 2020, represents a new wave of marketing and creative agencies. The agency's unique decentralized model empowers them to tap into a global network of creatives, enabling them to offer clients cutting-edge solutions that transcend the ordinary. The company's core mission revolves around the idea of crafting brand identities that are impossible to overlook. Whether they are working with scrappy startups looking to establish their presence or global giants seeking a fresh approach, TRES BIEN's creative touch leaves an indelible mark on every project.

The client approached our team at Brights for the development of a website with complex dynamic animations for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, TRES BIEN recognized the critical importance of a captivating online presence in the modern business landscape. As the digital realm is a primary arena for brand visibility and interaction, they sought to revamp their existing website to align with their innovative and boundary-pushing approach to marketing and creativity.

The Challenge

Developing a complex animated website based on TRES BIEN's existing design posed several intriguing challenges. In our pursuit of delivering a cutting-edge digital platform, we encountered and overcame the following obstacles:

Balancing Performance and Animation Complexity
The primary challenge was to strike the right balance between performance and animation complexity. The client's design featured intricate dynamic animations that needed to be both visually stunning and user-friendly.

User-Friendly Content Management System (CMS)
TRES BIEN required a user-friendly CMS to manage website content, especially for updating and adding new case studies. The challenge was to design a CMS that would empower the client's team to effortlessly edit and upload content, ensuring that the website remained dynamic and up-to-date.

Our Solutions

Leveraging our expertise and in close collaboration with TRES BIEN, we devised innovative solutions to address the challenges encountered in the development of a complex animated website. Our work with Storyblok, a headless Content Management System (CMS), played a pivotal role in overcoming these obstacles. Brights is proud to be a certified partner of Storyblok, and this partnership significantly contributed to the success of the project.

Here are our major solutions for this website:

  • The website's dynamic design and creative animations, including intriguing transitions between sections, cursor effects, text appearances, and even the captivating 404 error page, successfully conveyed the desired creative vibe. These animations enhanced the visual appeal and user engagement, aligning perfectly with TRES BIEN's brand identity.

  • Storyblok's user-friendly interface and intuitive editing capabilities were harnessed to empower TRES BIEN to effortlessly manage their website's content, structure, and visuals. This solution addressed the need for a user-friendly CMS, streamlining content updates and case study additions. As a result, TRES BIEN now had the ability to keep their website dynamic and up-to-date without relying on a dedicated content management team.

  • Additionally, Brights went beyond the development of the main website, extending support to TRES BIEN's own remarkable project, the Donation Festival. This unique initiative created a festival where every single euro generated was directed to charity, eliminating middlemen and enabling direct donations to chosen charities. The festival was not only a philanthropic success but also an event that engaged people from all walks of life, ranging from culinary experts and hair colorists to seasoned creative professionals and even grandmothers. Our team proudly participated in this altruistic endeavor by donating to the cause, contributing to the Festival's mission of giving more to charity than was spent to make it happen. This collaborative venture exemplifies our commitment to not only technical excellence but also to projects that make a positive impact on the world.

We must extend our utmost appreciation to Brights. Their level of professionalism, speed, and human-centric approach has made working with them an absolute pleasure. Not only did they create a stellar website for us, but their implementation of the Storyblok CMS has truly empowered our team to manage and update our content with ease and efficiency. Their friendly demeanor and unwavering dedication to quality are attributes that align perfectly with our values at TRES BIEN.

Guillaume D. Champeau, Chief Creative Officer TRES BIEN


Through our close collaboration with TRES BIEN, our efforts yielded significant results that transformed their digital landscape and operational efficiency. The integration of Storyblok empowered TRES BIEN to effortlessly manage and update their website's content, structure, and visuals, making the platform dynamic and easily maintainable. As a remarkable outcome, the new website made it five times faster for TRES BIEN to create and share case studies, thus optimizing their workflow. This accelerated process not only improved their operational efficiency but also enabled them to respond more promptly to their clients' needs and inquiries, bolstering client relationships and reinforcing their commitment to strategic planning and creative excellence.

Thanks to TRES BIEN for the creative tandem.

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