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Swift mobile app development means convenience, failure resistance, and performance. It is based on the industrial-quality programming language that can build a variety of apps. Web and mobile software engineering, based on Swift, is a practical way to go for creating fast and reliable apps for iPhones, tablets, laptops, desktops, or servers. Swift developers enjoy interactive and clear programming language that operates well on Objective-C code base, but surpass the predecessor in powerful error handling, dynamic libraries usage, and advanced flow control.

Why Swift


    One of the great features of Swift is its simple syntax and grammar. The code is easier to write, read, and maintain. For apps, created with Swift, fewer code lines are needed to make the program run, compared to writing a similar app with Objective-C. It also has fewer program files to maintain. iPhone and mobile app development has immediately benefited from it. Swift also came up with Automatic Reference Counting to track and manage the application's memory usage. It implements automated control over errors and speedy recovery from unexpected failures. As a result, it reduces the time needed for engineers to build iOS apps with Swift.


    Swift was engineered for performance. Besides the speedy development process, it works fast too, living up to its name. Swift is almost three times faster than Objective-C and becomes a programming language of choice for IOS apps requiring productivity and fast work. The combination of speed and reliability that Swift offers makes it a secure foundation for the whole spectrum of software solutions for all IOS platform devices — from Apple phones to corporate computers. Built by swift app developers, the improved software considerably expands hardware limits.


    Swift is a modern language that is constantly evolving. It was introduced as an official Apple development language in 2014 and declared open-source in 2015. Today, Swift has millions of supporters in its open-source community. Following modern trends in programming and responding to requests from users, Swift’s army of developers constantly updates it and expands it with new features. Due to code-base improvements, programming with Swift becomes more efficient, allowing users of IOS based apps to experience all the advantages of modern computers, mobile devices, and networks.


    Proving supreme to Objective-C Swift is used by 65% of IOS developers and by 6% of all software programmers. For the last two years, Swift is officially the fastest growing language among all programming languages. Mobile developers increasingly turn to Swift for business app creation. Near 2000 world-class companies, such as Uber, Slack, and Lyft, use apps, written with Swift. IOS development startups, among other companies, favor this language. Any mobile app development company writing with Swift will find a customer for its products.

Why choose Brights?

  1. The engineering team at Brights Swift app development company will create fully customized, functional, and reliable iOS Apps to give you a game-changing experience with your Apple devices. As experienced Swift developers, we are committed to delivering mobile iOS applications that are unparalleled by other technological solutions, simple in handling, and sophisticated in design. At Brights, our software development team builds unique Swift based Apps that sustain our clients on the road to success.

  2. Brights team of qualified programmers implements agile methods to create apps that are highly competitive and always on the cutting edge of technology. Swift mobile app development is a great method to build or customize software that meets the challenges and demands of a fast-changing world. Engineering with Swift delivers apps that merge business with technology maximizing benefits from both. Our effective mobile app solutions and proven delivery methods have streamlined work for international and local companies in many industries.

  3. Our Swift development company utilizes programming tools to automate and optimize business processes for our clients. Small and large, new startups and well-established enterprises will get excellent software solutions, built by our engineers. Swift development, based on agile principles, makes it possible to produce a wide range of products — from iPhone applications to SaaS and enterprise suits. Our skilled Swift development team brings vast expertise in web and mobile app development for a variety of iOS-based devices.

  4. At Brights, our swift app developers offer complete IOS software engineering solutions that include visualization, design, production, testing, deployment, and support. We will also partner with you through the whole process of app creation — from prototyping to engineering, from concept to optimization — our team will make sure you have a flawless experience using our services. We deliver powerful apps that help get things done, allowing you to focus on your business goals, not the tools.

For us at Brights, there are no projects that are too small or too big. You decide what your goal is, we will give the technology to reach it.


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