Motivated by a desire to modernize and enhance user engagement, the client embarked on a journey to relaunch their online store with a fresh, user-friendly website. However, the scope of the project extended beyond surface-level improvements. It encompassed the development of a robust Content Management System designed to optimize internal workflows across departments such as content management, logistics, and sales.

About the client

As one of the largest online retailers of premium cosmetics in Ukraine, FABO commenced its journey in 2017 with a commitment to revolutionize skincare and cosmetics. With a holistic approach that integrates professional consultations with curated product offerings, Fabo quickly garnered acclaim in the industry. However, recognizing the imperative of adaptation, Fabo embarked on a global rebranding initiative in 2022, signaling a strategic pivot towards delineating their B2B and B2C domains. Central to this transformation was the revitalization of their online platform, encompassing not only an enhanced user experience but also the integration of a robust CMS to optimize internal workflows.


  • Implement swift and dynamic faceted filters for displaying filtering results within the catalog.

  • Integrate Apple and Google Pay, obtaining official certificates and seamlessly linking them with the LiqPay payment system.

  • Develop a multifaceted gift certificate page, generating unique codes, and implement electronic balance control. Include handling scenarios like partial coverage of goods' costs.

  • Combine orders on the administrative side for accurate calculation of final delivery costs, particularly for parcels with special conditions like free delivery. Integrate barcode generation systems and address order separation scenarios.

  • Achieve full synchronization of goods and balances between the website and the accounting system.

  • Craft a highly adaptable CMS with functionality for promotions and discounts, alongside accurate calculation and handling of different retail scenarios.

Our solutions

In response to the multifaceted challenges encountered in modern e-commerce, our team devised innovative solutions to enhance user experience, streamline operations, and enrich content offerings.

Global catalog enhancement
To address the challenge of managing a vast list of approximately 3000 items, we implemented a robust catalog platform. This catalog features various options and convenient filtering mechanisms with multiple parameters, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users.

Enhanced customer account features
We developed a comprehensive customer account system that provided users with access to their order details, including fiscal receipts and real-time order status tracking. This empowered customers to stay informed and engaged throughout the purchasing process.

Personalized care selection
To streamline the process of selecting and assembling a complete care routine, we integrated intuitive functionality. It allowed users to submit their preferences and receive personalized beauty routines tailored to their needs.

Diverse payment method integration
We connected various payment methods to offer flexibility and convenience to customers. This included payment options such as card payments, cash on delivery, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and installment payments through Privat and Monobank, ensuring seamless transactions for all users.

Detailed product descriptions
To aid customers in making informed purchasing decisions, we implemented functionality to add detailed descriptions of key product elements. This allowed customers to understand product compositions and substances better, enhancing transparency and trust in the brand.

Magazine with diverse article blocks
To enrich the user experience and provide valuable content, we developed a magazine section featuring articles on various beauty topics. Overcoming the challenge of incorporating diverse visual elements, we created a selection of 15 different blocks to choose from, ensuring visually appealing and engaging articles for users.



Following the implementation of our solutions, the outcomes for the client's online beauty space have been highly promising and indicative of significant growth:

  • 5000+ subscribers to shopping bot: From inception, the site garnered over 5000 subscribers to its shopping bot, indicating a strong and growing user base.

  • Tripled orders on Black Friday: Compared to the previous year, the site experienced a threefold increase in orders during the Black Friday period, reflecting heightened customer interest and confidence in the platform.

  • Steadily increasing traffic: Over the course of the year, the site witnessed a consistent rise in traffic, with monthly sessions surpassing 60 thousand and continuing to grow steadily.

  • 7000+ new customers annually: The site attracts over 7000 new customers annually, signaling sustained growth and expansion within the market.

These results underscore the effectiveness of our strategies in driving performance, enhancing user engagement, and propelling the client's online beauty space toward continued success and prominence within the industry.

Happy to help Fabo glow in beauty space

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