LocalCounsel sought to revolutionize the way business and individuals access legal services in Ukraine. Partnering with Brights, they embarked on a groundbreaking project to develop a user-friendly web platform dedicated to facilitating the seamless search of Ukrainian law firms, enabling users to compare service offerings and fostering effective communication with chosen legal professionals.

About the Client

The client, a forward-thinking legal platform seeking to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of legal services within Ukraine, approached Brights with a vision to create a pioneering platform. The goal was to establish the first-ever Ukrainian universal platform dedicated to finding law firms swiftly, comparing their offers, and fostering productive communication with chosen candidates. Emphasizing values of quickness, confidentiality, and ease, the client aimed to cater to both business and private clients.

The Challenge

As we undertook the development of the LocalCounsel Ukraine platform, we encountered a set of intricate challenges that demanded innovative solutions. The initial focus on optimizing the law firm's flow and the extensive profiling of legal professionals on the platform laid the foundation for a unique endeavor. These are some of the challenges we needed to solve:

Optimizing search process
One of the primary challenges faced by the team was optimizing the search process for legal professionals on the platform. Developing an algorithm that accurately matches the specific needs of potential clients with the diverse offerings of law firms required a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape in Ukraine. Striking a balance between precision and speed in the search algorithm presented a unique challenge, as it was crucial to facilitate efficient connections between clients and law firms while ensuring the accuracy of the matches.

Balancing client and law firm focus
The decision to initially prioritize the law firm's experience on the platform during the first stage of the launch posed a challenge. While ensuring that law firms had a robust and comprehensive presence on their profiles, it was imperative to anticipate and address potential user experience gaps for clients.

Communication facilitation
Enabling effective communication between potential clients and law firms presented another significant challenge. Developing a messaging system that ensured confidentiality, streamlined communication, and provided a seamless exchange of information required careful consideration of privacy concerns, user experience, and the technical infrastructure of the platform. Balancing transparency and confidentiality in the communication process added complexity to the development and implementation phases.

Our Solutions

Brights focused on aligning the platform with its primary goal: simplifying the search for a law firm and facilitating a transparent comparison of service scope and costs. The platform's central mission is to eliminate the complexities associated with finding legal representation, regardless of whether the user is an individual or a company. Users need only enter their request once, prompting the platform to generate multiple offers. Here is a detailed description of the solutions provided.

Enhanced search algorithm
To address the challenge of optimizing the search process for legal professionals, our team implemented an enhanced search algorithm. This algorithm takes into account various criteria such as legal market area, specific legal needs, and the expertise of law firms. By continuously refining the algorithm based on user interactions and feedback, we ensure that potential clients are efficiently matched with law firms that best meet their requirements.

Efficient request submission process
Brights enhanced the client registration and request submission process. A user-friendly interface was implemented, allowing potential clients to effortlessly choose their desired legal market, describe their specific problem, and securely upload necessary documents. This optimized workflow ensures a quick and hassle-free entry point for clients into the platform.

Automated criteria matching
To expedite the client-law firm connection process, Brights developed an automated criteria-matching system. This solution allows law firms to efficiently study incoming requests that align with their areas of expertise. By automating this matching process, potential clients receive relevant proposals from qualified law firms promptly, enhancing the speed and accuracy of the matchmaking process.

Transparent price offer system
In response to the challenge of client-law firm communication, a transparent price offer system was integrated into the platform for clients. Law firms can submit quotes directly within the platform, providing potential clients with a clear overview of offers in their account. This transparency empowers clients to make well-informed decisions, fostering open communication and trust between clients and law firms. Law firms are not aware of proposals, quotes, communications or any other details of other law firms candidates. Law firms are also not aware of identities of other candidates chosen by the client while making RFP.

Intuitive offer comparison
The platform was equipped with an intuitive offer comparison feature, enabling clients to easily view and evaluate all received proposals and quotes in one centralized location. This functionality simplifies the decision-making process for clients, allowing them to compare offers side by side, ask questions, and make a well-informed choice based on their unique needs and preferences.



The collaborative efforts between Brights and the client have yielded transformative results for the platform. The platform now stands as a pioneer in simplifying the search for legal services. The client-centric approach, streamlined user experience, and innovative features have not only met but exceeded expectations. The success is reflected not only in the client’s satisfaction but also in the platform's growing popularity. LocalCounsel Ukraine continues to make significant strides in revolutionizing the legal services landscape, providing a user-friendly and efficient solution for clients and law firms alike.

Thanks LocalCounsel for the trust and development of Legaltech in Ukraine

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