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About the Client

DSC, a dynamic platform dedicated to supporting businesses in delivering exceptional outcomes within the National Disability Insurance Scheme, sought the expertise of Brights for transformative website development. With a popular NDIS Resource Hub, boasting a blog and podcast reaching an audience of 50,000 subscribers, DSC recognized the need for a professional intuitive website. The engagement with Brights aimed to align their online presence with their commitment to excellence, accessibility, and purpose-driven connections in the disability sector.

The Challenge

In this section, we delve into the intricate challenges our team encountered during this project. Each challenge is a puzzle piece in the broader narrative of DSC's commitment to excellence and accessibility in providing NDIS expertise and support.

Streamlining User-Friendly Editing
DSC's commitment to disseminating information through a prolific NDIS Resource Hub calls for a website that is effortlessly adaptable. Presently, the process of editing and adding pages demands more simplicity. DSC needed a solution that empowers even those with limited technical skills to contribute to their platform seamlessly.

Navigating the Complex Back-End
As DSC's operations scale, the intricacies of order history, actions, and inventory management pose challenges. The existing website's back-end navigation required optimization for a smoother and more intuitive experience. An overhaul was also necessary to ensure efficient management and monitoring without undue complexity, particularly as DSC continues to expand its offerings.

Integrating Existing Functions
The seamless integration of existing functions, including Litmos, Xero, Klaviyo, and ReCharge, is critical to DSC's operations. The challenge lies in ensuring that these functions harmonize effortlessly within the new website framework. A cohesive integration will not only enhance operational efficiency but also contribute to an overall smoother user experience.

Our Solutions

In response to the multifaceted challenges faced, Brights proposes a comprehensive set of solutions aimed at not just addressing individual pain points but redefining the entire online experience for DSC and its diverse audience.

Unified Website Structure
To overcome the existing split between Squarespace and Shopify, Brights proposes a unified website structure. Consolidating all elements into a single platform ensures seamless navigation and eliminates confusion regarding DSC's diverse offerings, creating a cohesive user journey.

Automated Product Promotions
Addressing the manual workarounds, Brights envisions a streamlined process for product promotions. Through intelligent automation, advertisements for new products will dynamically link to relevant articles, ensuring that promotions remain current, engaging, and tailored to user preferences.

Enhanced Navigation and User Clarity
The proposed solution involves revamping the site's navigation to provide clear pathways for users. This includes distinct sections for accessing purchased training on Litmos, managing ReCharge subscriptions via Shopify, and handling newsletter subscriptions through Klaviyo. A user-centric navigation design ensures a more intuitive and transparent experience.

Unified Training and Consulting Showcase
To eliminate silos, the new website will seamlessly integrate the training store with the broader DSC offerings, showcasing both training and consulting services. This strategic integration ensures that visitors readily understand the full spectrum of DSC's expertise, enhancing engagement and promoting a balanced representation of services.

Seamless Integration with Existing Platforms
Brights will ensure a seamless integration of existing platforms such as Litmos, Xero, Klaviyo, and ReCharge. The development team will optimize these integrations to ensure a cohesive user experience, streamlining processes and enhancing functionality.

User-Friendly Editing and Awesome UX
Addressing the need for easy editing and an exceptional user experience, the new website will be built with a user-friendly content management system, allowing even those with limited technical skills to effortlessly edit and add pages. The user interface will prioritize an awesome UX, linking relevant articles, team bios, and products seamlessly.



The collaborative efforts between DSC and Brights have yielded transformative results, reshaping DSC's ecommerce and addressing the challenges that once hindered their impact. The website's unified structure, streamlined navigation, and automated features have significantly enhanced user experience and engagement.

Importantly, DSC expresses satisfaction with the entire process and the achieved results. Building on this success, DSC and Brights are now collaborating on a support and maintenance basis, further fortifying their partnership to ensure the sustained success of DSC's digital initiatives. The ongoing collaboration reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and a shared vision for the future of DSC's digital presence in the disability sector.

Many thanks to the DSC team for the collaboration

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