Termix: app for remote control of POS-terminals

A cloud-based system that provides real-time control and insights of each terminal, enabling operators to remotely manage their terminal’s fleet.

What is Termix

It is remote management, monitoring and control system of
POS-terminals in the bank's acquiring network. The system improves the efficiency of the terminal network, reduces maintenance costs, and increases its income and the speed of technical support response.

Customer request

To redevelop the current poorly structured product into a scalable, feature-rich solution that delivers a hassle-free user interaction.


UI design UX Design

Project overview

User journey

We have developed three user paths reflecting three main user interactions with the system.


The high detail prototype includes all new functionality, interface and structural solutions. Critical parts have been tested on users.

UX Testing

We prepared three interactive user paths for each hypothesis and tested them on the system's users. After the analysis, we adjusted the prototypes according to the feedback.


We have created 80+ screens of the new Termix interface and built a design system for further product development. Below are some of its main parts.

Other screens

Design system


After three months of diligent work with the client, we revised and restructured the product. The UX audit and user testing of the prototype allowed us to make better navigation and data hierarchy management for qualitative monitoring and control of the entire system. We also combined modern interfaces and design elements into a scalable design system. The result is a functional application that is effective for business and stands out from competitors.

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