AuraGlow: AR application

Auraglow is an augmented reality application for whitening teeth. Users are able to load or take a photo through a webcam with a smile and get an image with a snow-white smile in a few seconds.


AuraGlow is an American oral hygiene brand known worldwide for its LED Teeth Whitening Solution. AuraGlow uses less toxic ingredients than other leading competitors, making it safe for both teeth and enamel.


The main idea of this company was to create a virtual mirror that can simulate the appearance of a smile before and after using AuraGlow.

Our approach

We taught the application to detect a smile at different positions of the face in the photo, regardless of lighting, face type, skin color, or the presence of other objects in the shot. We were able to achieve a natural teeth whitening effect without damaging the original image.


ASP.NET Core Vue.js Canvas.js Open CV

Scope of work

Data collection

Design Phase

Developing Stage

User path

Since the product has a promo character, the user journey should be simple and interesting. We show the result in just a few clicks and a couple of seconds, and also give the user the opportunity to download their image with a snow-white smile for use on other platforms.


The design was created on the basis of the AuraGlow corporate identity: light, pleasant, without unnecessary clutter of colors. All elements are positioned in the center of the screen so that the prompts for the user are clearly visible.


The client received a unique marketing product that can be used both in combination with other activities and independently. In the first two years, more than three thousand snow-white smiles were generated.


Microsoft Facetracking app

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