Ntegrity Website Redesign – UX Design Case Study

Since 2012, Ntegrity has helped hundreds of organizations raise millions of donations and inspire action.


Ntegrity is an award-winning agency that helps nonprofits organizations and the public sector. They work with hundreds of companies to inspire them to change and build confidence in the digital space.

All big ideas first start as a problem. Mine was simple: every agency I worked with only looked after themselves, not their clients.

Richenda Vermeulen Founder and CEO

Scope of work

Data collection

Client briefing / Platform Analysis / Customer Feedback analysis

UX Research

Target Audience Analysis / Competitors study / Jobs-To-Be-done

Design Phase

User Flows / UI Design / Clickable prototype

User Testing

Prototype Testing / Design interaction


Arhitectior / Programing / Code review / Devops / Deploement / Cloud hosting


Manual testing / Automation testing / Security scanning / Load testing


For the development of the site, our team built Nuxt.js as the main framework. Winning revenge on all the necessary workpieces, which allows you to create a distribution with a server rendering in a light and with a high level of customization.

Nuxt.js Storyblok Vercel UX Design UI design


In cooperation with the client, several categories of users were developed and what their purpose was on the website was defined. We asked ourselves: "What would each of them get if they visit our site?" The answers allowed building a custom path.

Visual style

With the introduction of the visual style, we adopted the principle of “focus on the important”. The very thing was turned into a minimalistic style. By using free space, we managed to draw users attention to important content.

We did not change the color palette, but added rigor to it. The combination of bright and contrasting colors on the page allows you to quickly highlight and read the main thing.

Based on the logo, Graphik LCG was chosen as the main font for the site. It embodies confidence and dynamism. Combined with a color palette, the font created the basis for the new site.


We developed a new visual identity that allowed for visually remembering and increasing brand awareness. The vibrant graphics and palette are reminiscent of the values ​​that were laid down by the brand - positive, passion and dedication.

Design system

The retreat system was taken as a basis, which made it possible to develop a holistic structure with which the user interacts.


By creating a new visual style, we were able to distinguish Ntegrity from competitors in the market. Due to bright accents, it was improved user experience introducing new navigation items, items and blocks.

Thats how this site adapts to other screen sizes

Other pages

The inner pages have a new style element - geometric objects. They helped us to tie the site together in a consistent style and at the same time keep the page content oriented format.

Technical development

The development team has integrated the website with the Storyblock CMS system. The modular structure gave the Ntegrity team complete control over creating new pages, copying and reusing sections with ease and no additional programming.

  • Easy customization of blocks. All blocks, which come for control, lie down the control instead of the foldable layouts. Possibility of a variety of different components, which allow you to re-use the components in the same microscopic ones, again with a new one in the place of the skin once, if it is necessary.

  • Simple hierarchy. It is possible to create your own hierarchy. In order to run a reliable environment, it is very important to define the various stages of testing content before it appears on the web.

  • Activity log. Track changes and recovery to any point in time. Storyblok always allows you to rollback changes with unlimited version history, and deleted content items can be restored from the Recycle Bin.

  • Image resizing. Transform your images on the fly.
    Storyblok converts, optimizes and caches images for fast viewing and optimization.

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