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Internet banking for successful business. Maximum job opportunities - all operations remotely.


The First Ukrainian International Bank is a large and reliable private bank that strives to be a financial advisor and assistant for both individuals and corporate clients, anticipates their expectations and needs, and offers effective solutions.

FUIB has launched a new Internet banking created specifically for business owners. Thanks to the new opportunities of Internet banking, individual entrepreneurs will be able to experience all the benefits of remote service, without spending more time on routine and paperwork.


The company recently started updating its design system and one of the first products was the Digital PUMB website. Our task was to develop a corporate website that will show all the benefits of working with Internet banking and give the opportunity to open an account.

Scope of work

Data collection

Client briefing / Platform Analysis / Customer Feedback analysis

UX Research

Target Audience Analysis / Competitors study / Jobs-To-Be-done

Design Phase

User Flows / UI Design / Clickable prototype

User Testing

Prototype Testing / Design interaction


Vue.js MSSQL REST API Chart.js UI design UX Design ASP.NET Core

Design system

The new design system was developed taking into account all development requirements. This approach reduces the time it takes to create a new page. It's easy to use and scale for other tasks.


We worked on different associations of "lightness": a pen, a balloon, a sheet of paper and others. However, all these ideas have already been tested in various advertising companies. The first graphic association with the bank is the red circle. We took it as the main graphic technique and added a new meaning with the help of animation.


The circle in combination with text and graphic content helps to increase brand awareness and create a holistic image of the services provided by FUIB Bank.


This animation gave the idea of integrity.


For convenience and download speed on mobile devices, the animation has been replaced by statics.


The new site made it possible to use the corporate style in a new way, which was successfully transferred to other services and products of FUIB Bank.

Next Project

Investment tool - Crypto platform

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