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ARX ​​Insurance Company is a part of the international Canadian insurance group Fairfax Financial Holdings. They have been successfully working on the Ukrainian market for 25 years, 11 of which are under the AXA Insurance brand.


When the world is unstable, only confidence helps to focus on the future, on its creation and achievements. ARX ​​allows you to think not about problems, but about achievements. This is a transparent company, always open to dialogue. This is how you can build friendly and honest relationships with each customer.


In the spring of 2019, insurance company ARX underwent a rebranding. A new logo has been developed that retains the key brand associations. The next step was to develop a new website that will help a potential client to get acquainted with the services and order a policy.

Scope of work

Data collection

Client briefing / Platform Analysis / Customer Feedback analysis

UX Research

Target Audience Analysis / Competitors study / Jobs-To-Be-done

Design Phase

User Flows / UI Design / Clickable prototype

User Testing

Prototype Testing / Design interaction

Front End

HTML / CSS / Java

Back End

API / Testing


At the initial stage, an audit of the current site was carried out with the identification of pain points and an analysis of competitors. This gave us the opportunity to get a complete picture of the user journey and build a prototype of the future site.


Visual identity

ARX ​​is represented on the market by a large number of products, from car insurance to life insurance. To quickly navigate through them, we have assigned the appropriate colors for each category.

ARX Visual


The home page has become a convenient tool for finding the right insurance service.

Component library

We have developed a complete library of components that can be used and extended.

Product page

The new structure of the product page made it possible to familiarize the user with the service in more detail. Here you can see not only the description but also the features that are characteristic of the respective category and frequently asked questions.

ARX product page

Chat bot

To simplify communication between the manager and the client a chatbot was added to the site, which can answer any questions online. With the help of ARXman, you can get information about any products of the company, check payments under contracts, leave feedback about the company, make an online appointment with a doctor, get advice on the terms of the contract, coordinate the receipt of medications.

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