Microsoft Azure Quiz

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  • Service
    Augmented reality app development
  • Technologies
    Vue.js, ASP.NET MVC
  • Website


The promo-site for the Azure Microsoft platform, designed to gain attention to new product. Programmers are invited to pass a "quest" of 7 tasks that need to be uploaded to Azure. The site is rich in dynamic elements, an API connection and a complex logic of step-by-step tasks has been implemented.


Main challenge of this project was to integrate Azure API services into gamificated tutorial for Microsoft Azure Developers. As well as creating complex javascript/css animation effects


Brights’ technical expertise, seamless communication, and organized workflow contributed to the project’s success. They were responsible for implementing our idea using ASP.NET and Microsoft Azure. Their communication skills were excellent. They had good project management skills, which helped us avoid risks.

Kulko Vitaliy,
Production Director, Isobar Ukraine

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