PMI KPI Tracking: web platform for efficiency monitoring

Intranet web platform for managing KPIs of employees and departments, setting and tracking goals, and analytical reports.


Philip Morris International (PMI) is a leading international tobacco company that manufactures and sells cigarettes, non-smoking products and related electronic devices, accessories, and other nicotine-containing products at markets outside the United States.

In times of change, inaction is always possible. Instead, we set a new course for the company. We decided to do something really significant.

Kostas Salvaras CEO of PMI Ukraine


Moving without a specific goal is the same as wandering. Achieve goals is faster and easier if they are visualized correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to use systems for evaluating the achievements of the company or its employees, which helps to understand how their work brings success closer.


The Philip Morris team’s request was to get a light, convenient tool in the form of an analytical portal with various functions: to collect, structure and analyze data on the company’s internal and external environment and various key efficiency indicators. This can help the company achieve greater success, measured in specific numbers, not words.

Our approach

We needed to create a user-friendly goal monitoring tool that helps to see the personal progress of employees in real-time and the overall efficiency of individual departments. There are quite a few examples of such systems, so we began to create, analyze and explore from scratch.


ASP.NET Core ES6 MSSQL Automation testing Manual testing Chart.js UX Design UI design

Scope of work

To create a user-friendly application taking into account all aspects of the company's needs, we divided the project into five stages.

Data collection

UX Research

Design Phase

User Testing



After all Use Stories and Use Cases analysis, we created a customer journey that formed the basis of the prototype.
We decided to develop a prototype in parallel with testing and making changes to create the most functional product, considering every detail.


The next big step was developing the product visual style - colors and fonts, allowing to build a clear and easy UI. Screens contain many different digital values, so the overall goal was to make a design helping not to cause users eye strain while working with the application.


We achieved our goal by creating a product for Philip Morris that analyzes and structures large amounts of data, is easy to use and helps teams set specific goals, track progress and motivate employees.

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