Google Data Studio consulting

Streamline your data management process, boost team performance, and strengthen decision-making, leveraging Google Data Studio (for now Looker Studio) features. Our Google Data Studio experts can help you to gather and visualize data from multiple sources with advanced Looker Studio reports and custom dashboards to get user insights and empower your business.



As Looker experts, we turn complex data into clear business insights, guiding strategic decisions.


We craft custom Looker solutions that align perfectly with your unique business needs and goals.


Beyond implementation, we offer continuous support, ensuring your Looker solution evolves with your business.

Our expert Data Studio services

  • Looker implementation

    We collaborate closely with your team to tailor and implement a Looker solution that meets your specific needs, ensuring a smooth setup and insightful data analysis for informed decision-making.

  • Looker migration

    Transitioning from another BI platform? Switch to Looker easily with our help. We design tailored migration plans, addressing technical specifications and providing go-live support.

  • Data engineering

    Our team expertly links Looker with a variety of data warehouses, ETL providers, and sources, ensuring diverse and accurate data flow for your reporting needs.

Expertise we share

Through 12 years of Data Studio consulting expertise, we crystalized a deep understanding of user, product, and company metrics and KPIs essential for measuring business performance. Our Looker Studio developers can help you leverage Looker Studio's business intelligence and data analytics capabilities to strengthen your team and accelerate growth.

  • 1

    Advanced reporting

    We quickly transform your data into impactful business metrics with intuitive and intelligent reports. We use a robust Google Data Studio templates library to visualize loads of information in minutes.

  • 2

    Interactive dashboards

    We translate data from various third-party sources into real-time Google Data Studio dashboards, visualizing essential information with widgets, graphs, charts, and maps. Data Studio allows sharing of automated dashboards across the teams to follow key business metrics and make data-based decisions.

  • 3

    API connection

    We develop custom integrations and comprehensive real-time reports tailored to your business goals by integrating the Looker Studio API with data sources, including cloud-based platforms like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

  • 4

    Data integration

    Choose from 600+ partner connectors or build custom integrations with our Looker Studio developers to transform data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta Ads, YouTube, Google Search Console, CRM systems, and more sources into compelling reports and custom dashboards.

  • 5

    Data collaboration

    Discuss powerful data insights with the team or embed reports on the web to tell your expert story. Collaborate within Looker Studio in real-time editing data with access levels to engage more securely and effectively.

  • 6

    Custom solutions

    Once your requirements are received, we can develop a custom Looker Studio web or mobile application, add-on, plugin, extension, widget, integration, or admin dashboard to visualize your essential data in a relevant way, where and when you need it.

Looker customization

Our team can audit and fine-tune data processing within existing Google Data Studio connections. We also help to maximize business data's full potential with custom Looker Studio solutions:

  • P&L dashboards,

  • team performance customizable reports,

  • sales & marketing reports,

  • marketing funnel dashboards,

  • inventory and logistics dashboards,

  • Ads performance reports,

  • application, widget or extension,

  • any other Data Studio solution, just give us a note using the form below.

Looker Studio benefits

Saving your time and resources, Google Data Studio provides tools for appealing data visualizations and live dashboard creation for free. Looker Studio combines those tools with Looker's advanced data modeling, exploration, and collaboration features and integrates them with various data sources, including on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

We can assist you with incorporating Looker Studio to empower your business with a new kind of data discovery solution to drill into extensive datasets and get answers without ever leaving the browser.

  1. Data-driven decisions.
    Our Google Data Studio developers can help you fetch essential data from multiple sources and visualize it with built-in tools or build custom JavaScript visualizations with customizable editing and sharing options.

  2. Valuable insights.
    Dig deeper into users' behavior, wishes, and needs and capture data-inspired insights, combining and quickly visualizing your data with more than 800 data source Looker Studio integrations and unlimited Google Data Studio widgets, graphs, and charts.

  3. Stress-free reporting
    Monitor business KPIs with easily-to-follow comprehensive reports by collecting and processing real-time data from third-party services and different departments in one place. Our Looker Studio developers will help projects of any complexity to tailor data to custom visualizations and insightful dashboards.

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