ARX: Car Insurance Marketplace

The second stage, after the rebranding and updating of the ARX corporate website, was the development of e-commerce services for online insurance. The first product was Car insurance.

Main goal

ARX ​​is the market leader in its segment, and the rebranding and new design bring the company's values ​​to an even larger audience. Our main goal is to ensure that the company's new products meet its values, clearly position it in the already crowded online insurance market, are commercially efficient, and of course, simple and easy to use.


Despite the fact that the current solution is "morally" and technically outdated, it gave us the opportunity to collect and analyze data about the behavior, needs, and desires of users. The entire technical background of buying a policy should remain unchanged.

75% users of mobile devices
85+ thousands of users visit the site every month


After examining the statistics of the current solution, we identified the problems of the purchase process that the user faces and found the root cause of the sources of refusals. We compared the competitive advantage with the client's business capabilities. We studied modern UX solutions in the insurance industry and conducted surveys of the target audience and collected portraits of its main groups.


During the analysis, we have identified several points of attention

  • When purchasing on mobile devices, entering the required data should be simplified. That is why the method of vehicle identification by registration number has become a priority.

  • It was decided to divide the purchase stages into logically completed ones in order to form a full-fledged e-commerce experience.

  • Effortless services and additional sale organically drive into the main flow, without distracting the user from the main goal.

User flow

Based on the developed portraits, and taking into account the technical requirements for purchasing a policy, we have built the main user path, dividing the purchase process into 6 main stages.


The target audience of the product is so wide that we decided to develop 2 prototypes with a radically different approach, and to study how the target audience is ready for a non-standard approach:

  1. Option 1 is built on the principle of a classic step-by-step e-commerce product, it is most often encountered when purchasing policies, it is clear and easy to use.

  2. Option 2 - a combined chatbot that simulates a conversation with an insurance agent. All interaction is built in the format of a conversation with a combination of graphical steps for choosing a policy, filling out large forms, etc.

Focus group tests

One-to-one usability testing of different focus groups showed the advantage of the first option. It turned out to be much more understandable to a wide audience of motorists. The second option showed excellent results in the middle segment of the audience, young people and advanced Internet users. We decided to use it for another product - Travel Insurance.

88% of respondents coped with the purchase within the allotted time
64% the respondent purchased a policy with additional products


At the stage of UI design, we adhered to the style of the ARX corporate website that we developed, taking into account the design features for e-commerce products

It was important for us to correctly focus on additional services and products.


75% of buyers are mobile users. This obliges to pay special attention to the mobile version of the product.

Additional sales

From a user perspective, add-on products such as “extended coverage” can be very useful, but from a business perspective, it is an important source of income. Finding the right approach to integrating them has been one of our top priorities.

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