Booking app for beauty service providers

SaaS booking system for a beauty industry client, which transformed the cumbersome process of booking appointments through social media and phone calls into an automated, user-friendly experience.

About the client

Picture this: you want to book a haircut or a manicure, but instead of a quick, automated booking process, you're stuck writing a message on Instagram —or worse, calling the salon. Sounds extremely inconvenient (and, for some people, anxiety-inducing), doesn’t it? That’s exactly the problem our client, a business in the beauty industry, wanted to solve. So, they turned to Brights for the solution.

While we can’t reveal the client due to a non-disclosure agreement, we are here to share how our team brought the vision to life with a seamless SaaS booking system for beauty salons. To visualize the case for you, we’ve included detailed prototypes that paved the way for the final design. Let’s dive into it.

Project objectives

Our client envisioned a web solution that would modernize and simplify the booking process for beauty services in their city, with the possibility of scaling. Here is what Brights set out to do:

  • Streamlined booking process for beauty services

  • Real-time access to available appointments across various specialists and locations

  • User-friendly and modern interface

  • Integration with salon management tools

  • Secure payment processing

  • Monetization functionality

What we delivered

They took care of the project as if it was their own.

Managing partner at the client company

Comprehensive SaaS booking system

The key solution we created is a SaaS booking system that streamlines how clients schedule appointments with beauty specialists. This system allows users to book appointments for nails, hair, makeup, and other beauty services across various salons, cities, and neighborhoods within them, with seamless calendar and map integration. The components of the system included:

Internal ERP system
The solution allowed for detailing specialists' qualifications and work schedules, the list of services and their durations, and the ability to flexibly adjust schedules and replacements.

We implemented a CRM system to help beauty salon managers and artists manage customer communication, as well as gather valuable client and industry data.

Flow Booking integration
The system we built integrates with Flow Booking, enabling users to select available time slots based on their chosen services.

Additional functionality

The platform also included a range of additional features:

  • Monetization integration that gave salons the option to pay for premium placement at the top of search results;

  • Payment system integration for secure payment processing;

  • Magazine that features beauty-related news and articles;

  • Marketplace functionality for beauty products.


The SaaS booking system we implemented attracted beauty studios that were looking for improved operational efficiency. It also opened new revenue opportunities for our client through its monetization functionality. Additionally, the integrated news portal and online shop added further value, engaging users beyond just booking appointments. But most importantly, the project evolved into a comprehensive beauty service platform, setting new customer experience standards.

The new website boosted traffic and generated partnerships with beauty salons.

Managing partner at the client company

Cheers to hassle-free beauty salon appointments!