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PMI cloud migration

Migration strategy creation and implementation for moving company's databases, web applications, and integration services from legacy VDS infrastructure to the AWS Cloud.


Our goal was to enhance the PMI business environment by upgrading and seamlessly migrating the company's IT infrastructure from an on-premise VDS solution to the highly efficient AWS Cloud platform. We aimed to implement a quick and smooth migration strategy for all company’s products with top security standards compliance. While some specifics are NDA-protected, we're proud to share the fundamental details of this complex project.

From the tech point of view, we decided to configure secure data access, implement powerful cloud monitoring, enable automated backups to ensure data integrity and deploy a tailored CI/CD pipeline that perfectly aligned with the project's requirements.

From the business point of view, our team aimed to significantly optimize PMI’s IT ecosystem to ensure scalability, flexibility, cost effectiveness, and boost the overall system performance.


Unifying and seamlessly migrating PMI's datasets, applications, and services to the cloud was a task requiring meticulous attention to detail. Given the fact that all the company's products had to remain fully operational, supporting vital business processes, there was absolutely no room for error. This is why we referred to this challenge as a 'bulletproof migration'.

Our approach

At first, we analyzed each project by dividing it into parts and upgrading its outdated components. Then we focused on the migration strategy, selecting the best possible tools, services, and technologies for each particular task.

For setting up the migration flow, our expert engineers configured new CI/CD pipelines with Bitbucket, Jenkins and JFrog Artifactory, and used Terraform and Ansible scripts.

At last, we executed the cloud migration process, transferring the entire IT ecosystem to the cloud, to ensure it’s stable, secure and future-proof.


We've achieved an integrated, enhanced, and robust IT infrastructure that guarantees the long-term reliability and optimized performance of the company's software. Leveraging automatic security updates, dependable backups, and safe access control, the AWS Cloud platform amplifies data security while ensuring uninterrupted access to the infrastructure worldwide. By adapting the business infrastructure to meet current demands, cloud solution not only reduces reliance on outdated, expensive equipment but also facilitates the cost-effective use of resources and streamlines work across the teams.

Thanks to PMI for the long-lasting trust.


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