A social network built for smart sports betting tips selling. Now, users can get help from experienced players to make their considered wagering predictions.


Flippick is a social network that gathers together different types of users—from sports betting experts sharing advice (those who sell betting tips known as Sports Picks) to beginners absorbing it (those who buy Sports Picks). With its help, the former benefits from experience sharing, while the latter makes more accurate wagering predictions, bringing all players more income.


Our principal development challenge was to add Spread, Moneyline, and Total Sports Picks as part of key functionality with complex logic. The character of betting determines the difference between them:

  • Spread Sports Picks are tips on how to bet on a score between two gamblers;

  • Moneyline Sports Picks contribute to guessing the winner;

  • Total Sports Picks help to predict the overall score of the game.

This implementation enriched the users’ betting experience on the platform and together with the Following feature allowed them to follow experts to receive tips tailored to their specific areas of interest.


Additional features

For Flippick to become the comprehensive sports betting tips social network, we mapped out a few essential features under its hood, such as:

  • Special boards—users can easily visualize their progress and compare it to other gamblers thanks to All-Time Leaderboard and Hot Board;

  • Account funding function—flexibility to link a profile with the preferable banking service (Bank Account, Paypal, Stripe, Plaid, etc.);

  • Pulling in-game odds—this also includes accessing game-related data and scores, which become available through the Odds API solution;

  • Calculated statistics—it’ll make the user’s betting decisions more considerate and data-driven;

  • Filtering - to filter out the bad data so that only the top sports betting picks remain.


We built a multi-purpose social network that is currently used by thousands of sports lovers worldwide. From now on, our team is supporting the solution and collaborating with the client to make it even more sophisticated.

Thanks Flippick for the unwavering commitment and partnership!

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