Robust mobile platform development for sports enthusiasts aimed to enhance sports engagement experience, foster a sense of community, and provide a more engaging and rewarding environment for fans of all sports

About the Client

Hajem Sports is a social interaction mobile platform targeted at soccer fans who find bliss in making match predictions and benefit from it. We developed it with convenience and flexibility in mind, allowing users to easily manage every essential feature — from monitoring available leagues to starting competitions— at their fingertips.

In particular, the platform allows users to try their luck in the following types of challenges:

- Match outcome
- Full-time score
- Half-time winner
- Goals total.

To launch a challenge, a gamer needs to spend some energy — the points from their account are withdrawn in exchange for voicing predictions and sharing them with others. This energy loss is replenished over time, depending on the user’s win rate, or can be purchased in the store.

Further on, the platform will also include the similar functionality for other sports types, while Hajem’s current focus is on soccer.

The Challenge

Our collaboration with Hajem Sports presented several exciting challenges, each met with a dedication to delivering the best possible user experience. First, we designed the platform to be visually appealing to gamers without veering into cartoonish territory. The result is a sleek and attractive interface, combining aesthetics with functionality. Additionally, our implementation of reusable components allows for seamless future product upgrades, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

One of our primary tasks involved integrating Hajem Sports with the betsAPI. This integration allowed us to collect essential data, reformat it into a user-friendly UI, and accurately calculate rewards for completed challenges. As a result, all events within the platform now follow a consistent and intuitive format.

Furthermore, we paid special attention to the introduction of a live quiz feature. These quizzes offer dynamic questions that adapt to match times and events, providing an engaging experience for users. The complexity of calculating correct answers was no small feat, but the end result is a seamless and interactive quiz system that not only engages users but also offers valuable insights into their needs and expectations for the platform. Our commitment to overcoming these challenges has strengthened our collaboration with Hajem Sports, ensuring a more enriched experience for sports enthusiasts.

Our Solutions

With Hajem Sports we're dedicated to elevating the sports engagement experience for the users by offering a comprehensive suite of dynamic and sophisticated features. We've painstakingly designed and built these features to cater to the discerning tastes of sports lovers, providing a multifaceted platform that offers not only predictions but also a vibrant community to engage with.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the key features that make Hajem Sports the ultimate destination for sports enthusiasts:

Communication features
Users have the power to create private groups, fostering a sense of community among friends and fellow sports enthusiasts. These private groups allow for in-depth discussions about upcoming games, creating an environment for healthy competition as users vie for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Hajem Sports keeps users in the loop with timely notifications, ensuring they never miss a beat. Users receive notifications about events within their private groups, chat tags, and real-time updates as matches commence, keeping them connected and engaged.

Live mode
For the ultimate sports experience, users can seamlessly switch to the live mode, allowing them to watch matches in real-time. This immersive feature keeps users informed about goals, line-ups, and critical developments as they unfold during the match.

Live quiz
Hajem Sports introduces an engaging live quiz feature, designed to challenge users' sports knowledge in real-time. Questions in the quiz adapt to the evolving dynamics of the match, offering an element of unpredictability. Respondents stand a chance to earn coveted rewards in the form of XP and coins if they answer correctly, adding a competitive edge to the sports engagement experience.

The Hajem Sports store is a treasure trove of opportunities and enhancements. Users can launch new challenges using the coins they've earned, providing an additional layer of engagement and competition. XP and energy boosters, chat stickers, and extra energy can be acquired in the store, allowing users to personalize their experience and further their engagement within the community.



We are happy about the successful launch of the sports engagement and social interaction platform for iOS and Android users. Soccer fans can now effortlessly make match predictions, access real-time match statistics, and connect with a vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts. This achievement signifies a great step forward in redefining the sports engagement experience, and it has also garnered increased interest and new investments.

Hats off to Hajem's audacious vision and trust.

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