This case study delves into the collaborative efforts between Brights and Yasno, a leading provider of electricity, gas, and energy efficiency solutions catering to millions of customers across Ukraine. The focus of our partnership was the development and subsequent update of Yasno's corporate website.

About the client

Yasno stands as a trailblazer in the Ukrainian energy sector, serving as the go-to provider for electricity, gas, and energy efficiency solutions for over 3.5 million customers. As a vital player in the industry, Yasno offers efficient choices of electricity and gas tariffs tailored to the unique needs of households and businesses. With a vision to empower customers' experience and website performance during high peaks, Yasno entrusted Brights with developing and enhancing its corporate website. The collaboration commenced in 2019 and extended into 2020, with a subsequent update in the summer of 2023, focusing on creating a seamlessly functional yet visually engaging online platform.


At the heart of our effort to boost Yasno's online presence were some tough challenges. We needed to give the website a fresh look that's easy for users and aligns with the company's style. At the same time, upgrade the technology behind the site to the latest technologies and make it run smoothly, especially when a lot of people visit during important events like when power outage schedules are published.

Meeting these challenges required smart planning and a forward-thinking approach to ensure Yasno's website keeps up with industry standards and goes beyond them.

Our solutions

The following section delves into the innovative solutions deployed by Brights to address each distinct challenge, fostering a digital transformation for Yasno in the energy sector.

Technological upgrade and refactoring
By transitioning to the latest versions of Vue.js, TypeScript, PHP, Laravel, and Kubernetes, we ensured that Yasno's website was equipped with cutting-edge technologies, enhancing its functionality and future scalability.

Monolith splitting and SSR implementation
To enhance user experience and SEO optimization, we implemented Server-Side Rendering (SSR) while simultaneously splitting the monolithic structure. This strategic move allowed for a more fluid and responsive user interface, significantly improving the website's overall performance and search engine visibility.

Backend refinement and queue optimization
We also addressed the challenge of backend refinement and queue optimization by breaking down the backend architecture from a monolith into separate services. This modularization enhanced the efficiency of processes, ensuring seamless communication between different components, and ultimately optimizing performance and resource utilization.

Infrastructure optimization with Terraform
Embracing the Infrastructure as a Code paradigm using Terraform, our team overcame the challenge of infrastructure optimization. This involved restructuring and automating deployment processes, leading to enhanced fault tolerance, ease of delivery, and overall infrastructure efficiency.

Kubernetes cluster rebuilding
We conducted a comprehensive analysis and rebuilt the cluster with a focus on optimizing balancing, scaling, and resource consumption, ensuring a resilient and efficient Kubernetes environment for the website.

API performance enhancement
To enhance the API's performance, our development team implemented optimizations that resulted in a tenfold improvement. This involved refining data exchange mechanisms between the backend and frontend components, ensuring swift and efficient communication and processing.

Handling peak traffic volumes
To meet the challenge of handling peak traffic volumes during critical events, we implemented an automatic scaling system. This involved configuring multiple servers and a powerful database with automatic scaling functionality based on Serverless architecture. This ensured uninterrupted access to resources, even under the heaviest loads, providing a seamless user experience during critical periods.

Design enhancements
Addressing the client's request for a highly functional yet visually appealing main block, our team embarked on a meticulous design journey. The objective was to seamlessly integrate a banner concept showcasing new products and advertising while maintaining the website's overall functionality. After exploring various options, a harmonious solution was reached — consolidating all elements into a unified layout. This approach featured strategically placed buttons responsible for key actions and small banners, providing a seamless navigation experience. Uniformity across internal pages was achieved through a consistent structure of buttons and dashboards, ensuring users could easily locate essential information without the need to navigate extensively throughout the site.




In conclusion, the implementation of advanced solutions addressed the substantial surge in website traffic during critical events and withstood up to 2 million users per hour. By configuring an automatic scaling system with multiple servers and incorporating a potent, serverless-based database, the project successfully ensured uninterrupted access to resources, even under the heaviest loads. The API's overall productivity witnessed a remarkable tenfold increase, exceeding performance expectations. We have continued our collaboration until now and provide support and maintenance for the website.

Gratitude to Yasno for this luminous challenge

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