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Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies have recently gained high popularity, however, most companies still don’t understand how to use them effectively. ML is one of the most up-and-coming technologies, which offers huge possibilities for forward-looking companies that strive to take their data usage to the next tech level. Specialists from our machine learning development company will help you and your business explore new privileges and learn more opportunities. Expand your online and social presence, get the best results, and experience all the benefits with our Ukrainian team.

Machine learning solutions

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    Receive valuable data from images and environment for face recognition, biometrics, transportation, augmented reality, and other options due to computer vision algorithms by our machine learning agency.

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    Teach apparatus to realize text and language as humans do, derive useful data, detect topics in the text docs, answer questions to automate customer service or create chatbots.

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    Look to the future using the past and current data. Get rid of the assumptions and find out how your company, your clients, and your industry as a whole will change hereafter.

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    Do deep learning of behavior, detect data templates, create a client segmentation strategy in order to provide better targeting, Google search ranking, personalization, general quality of customer service.

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    Apply the system, which is in charge of the evolving of conversions in Netflix, Amazon, Spotify platform, etc. Give your customers the most actual content and an individual approach.

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    Discover the regularities in your historical background in order to prophesy and foresee the further tendencies. Predict commercial demand for products and services, create general concept and price policy, guess the steps of competitors.

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    The potential of deep learning algorithms lets us design models with a much larger dataset. More data means more info and smarter decisions.

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    Discover crucial insights to perfect your product/service.

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    Reveal the incorrect behavior to detect the swindle, safety troubles, violation of info, and other problems.

Gain competitive advantage and build powerful digital machine learning development solutions with our expert team!

Our services

ML is actively used in business, reduces financial investment, and improves the level of user experience. Its methodologies can be applied in applications of any direction — from ecommerce niche to healthcare or education. So, this technology can be implemented in different industries, and it has a huge potential to achieve truly solid results from the marketing and sales point of view. With Brights machine learning software development agency, this technology can be applied in many directions and in different ways.

  1. Sales growth. A proven fact: buyers are more likely to purchase if the ML is present. 

  2. Big data analysis. With ML, apps improve over time, since technology quickly processes data, as well as reveals patterns and trends.

  3. Improved productivity. It is predicted that machine learning technologies will increase the labor efficiency by almost half over the next 15 years.

  4. Increased satisfaction. Companies that apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve customer satisfaction by more than 10%.

We know how to stay ahead of competitors with strong applications of ML. By the way, even if you are looking for a machine learning agency from the United States or Europe, this is by no means a problem. Our Ukrainian company has vast experience of representation on the global market and international activity. It doesn’t matter where you are, what your request is, what your expectations are, and what the complexity of your task is — our experts will cope with any projects and perform the work at the highest level in any case.


  • Is machine learning technology really so popular?

    The machine learning market is growing rapidly: in 2016 its volume didn’t exceed $1.29 billion and, according to experts’ forecasts, it will increase to $39.98 billion by 2025. What contributed to this growth? This technology was invented in 1959, but large companies have realized its potential relatively recently. And the point is that in the near future, it will be used by everyone — from giant global enterprises to small private local companies.

  • What are the key benefits?

    — optimization of operation;

    — automation of process;

    — personalization of products/services and customer experience;

    — forecasting of future needs;

    — cost reduction;

    — increasing customer satisfaction;

    — creation of the best management & marketing campaigns;

    — changing the way customers interact with the product.

  • Why choose Brights company?

    All specialists from our company are highly qualified, experienced, and true top professionals. All tasks are carried out strictly according to the agreed terms of reference, within clear deadlines, and taking into account all preferences and requests of each client. In our work, we apply personalized approach, accept only the latest trends, always keep up with the time, and go by the expertise of the world’s leading industry experts and studies. Get in touch with our team through the contact form and solve all challenges!

  • What is the process of the ML project?

    Our company has developed and implemented the clear and flexible workflow for a ML project. Just some easy steps to get a fast and effective outcome: 

    1. Analysis of business goals and product needs.

    2. Data preparation and processing.

    3. Feature engineering.

    4. Model development.

    5. Deployment of the model.

    6. Review and update.

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