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Our testing engineers have excellent analytical knowledge and skills, as well as extensive testing experience, which is great for your project. Our QA testing services company analyzes all the features of the project and the requirements of the customer in order to develop the most appropriate testing strategy for each project using the best practices of functional testing. Brights test engineers are professionals in finding software bugs in all parts and aspects of the software product. We check the absence of defects everywhere, from the functionality and security to UI, back, and front end.

The Benefits of QA for Businesses

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    The payment system you use is stable. It means, the user, paying for the service, receives it successfully. However, you did not check certain cases when the money goes to someone's bank account. It can be a huge and fatal event, especially when it comes to a sizable amount of money.

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    Correction of one error can create another and may lead to exacerbation of additional costs, since fixing bugs is more expensive than preventing them.

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    If you do not control the product building process from start to finish, you cannot get a result that corresponds to all the requirements and expectations of your product. Brights QA testing company provides you necessary reports during a full period of development.

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    If the lack of high-quality extensive testing from the inside has occurred, there is no guarantee that the product will work correctly and in general will be quite attractive to users. Having no testing staff with excellent theoretical knowledge in QA testing, it is very hard to achieve a high-quality product if you are not an expert in your field.

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    Before launching the product, it is very important to make sure that there are no errors. If the user try the product with errors, they will get a bad experience using the application and will not want to use it again. In practice, it is impossible to correct the first impression. You know.

Testing methods

  • Static

    This method is used to verify the source code before placing it into operation, as well as functional analysis of characteristics and special requirements. Thanks to this method, defects in the code structure can be detected. The sooner you start QA testing with this method, the smoother the development process will go at the later stages.

  • Structure-based

    This methodology analyzes the inner logic and structure of the research code. These tests focalize on identifying typos, incorrect or missing logic in the code, so we use this structure-based technique only with deep access to the code.

  • Specification-based

    This test method, also known as the black box, tests the functionality of a product without learning the code. We try to choose the most suitable test development methods that help us get test cases, taking into account and based on the requirements.

  • Experience-based

    This is more of an auxiliary method; it allows QA to test software based on known experience with the same systems.

How our QA testing agency performs automation testing

Automated testing helps in creating better software with less effort.

  1. Repeatable accuracy. We can run the same tests as needed an unlimited number of times. We are experts in creating test suites for the frontend and backend using + Typescript and Postman + Javascript (functional testing and regression testing on the client-side can be automated using Typescript and Cypress; also, API-testing can be automated using Javascript and Postman).

  2. Extended coverage. During manual testing, it is hard to do so many tests. Therefore, it is easier to do this with automated testing as it increases test coverage.

  3. Saving of time. Test automation in some areas leaves more time to test other areas that cannot be automated. There is no human factor. Unlike people, automatic testing does not get tired, and attentiveness does not decrease. Which is great for performing a multitude of complicated tests.

Automation testing in detail

  • Defining areas in automation software
  • Choosing the right test automation tool
  • Writing and running test scripts
  • Developing test suits
  • Detecting possible errors or performance issues

How our QA testing agency does performance testing

Performance testing can help launch future-proof applications with high responsiveness, availability, and scalability.

  1. The enhancement of the application's robustness is important. Performance testing using tools such as Jmeter, Blazemeter, Chronograf, InfluxDb ensures the sturdiness of the application to sustain in the marketplace and perform relentlessly.

  2. The speed is required. Most importantly, the faster the website is, the more revenue it will generate.

  3. Project time and budget constraints. Undetected load defects in the early stages might lead to costly additional work and stressful launching.

Performance testing in detail

  • Defining general performance problems
  • Time dependencies detecting
  • Allocation monitoring
  • Memory usage and deallocation
  • Concurrency problems
  • Excess usage of system resources
  • Performance bottlenecks

Testing is one of the quality control tools, which allows us to ensure compliance of the system with the stated requirements and tasks. Our QA testing services company has the powerful practical experience, which makes it possible to launch a quality solution in a clearly defined time frame. Our QA specialists can analyze your tasks and offer the optimal combination of different types of testing. We carry out continuous testing at every stage of software development — from the analysis of technical requirements to the implementation of the finished solution.


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