Munchy food platform

Munchy is an online platform for centralized management of food ordering, preparation and delivery processes. Customers, cooks and couriers work within one system using separate functional product modules for smooth and efficient interaction.


Munchy is a Liechtenstein startup for food ordering, kitchen and delivery processes optimization.

Online platform offers food home delivery and takeout. Its stand-out point is saving user time by preparing dishes from different cuisines in one kitchen. Perfect for companies with opposite tastes.

Mobile app transfers order details to the order management system with separate chef and courier modules helping streamline the preparation and delivery process of different cuisines in one place.


The obligatory lockdown due to Covid-19 has become a "prime time" for food delivery and has made users of online services even more demanding.

We received a request to create a product that would satisfy the needs of customers, chefs, and couriers at once. So our task was to develop a comprehensive system combining a website and mobile app for food ordering, a tablet app with a chef dashboard and a separate dashboard for delivery management.

Scope of work

We divided the creation process into 4 stages. During the Discovery phase, we analyzed the market and business model, researched competitors in detail, and made a SWOT analysis. The obtained data allows for validating the idea at the beginning to save the startup's resources because it is much easier to change the concept than to change the product.

Discovery & Strategy

Define idea value / Market & competitors research / idea validation, PoC / Product roadmap

UX Research

UX research / Information Architecture Layouts design Responsive & apadtive design

Design Phase

UI Style guide & Assets / App flow / Wireframes / UI Layouts & Graphics / UI Style guide & Assets


Front-End Devepolment / Back-End Development / iOS Development / Android Development



Our main goal was to create a platform comprising three interconnected modules, each performing separate tasks for a customer, a chef, and a courier.

User scenarios

We worked out 3 main scenarios according to user roles, highlighting product features we need to develop to match key Jobs-to-be-Done.


Together with the Munchy team, we discussed prototype screen by screen, following each user flow and improving the product step-by-step to create a user-friendly platform without compromising the product logic.

Design system

We have developed a brand visual style and a comprehensive element system for user interaction. A clean and uncluttered product interface helps create contrast for communicating with bright colors.


Our development process ran in three directions: the administrative panel, the website and mobile application, and the dashboards.

Working closely with the product team, we got real-time feedback, tested and made changes in three simultaneous processes without missing a beat.

Administrative panel

Our biggest challenge was integrating all the products into one seamless system. So, step by step, we developed an admin panel that:

  1. allows easily manage prices, ingredient lists and order conditions, and integrated with both website and mobile app,

  2. helps to sync and manage order data from a restaurant by integrating with our cook and courier dashboards,

  3. create a valuable database for potential loyalty programs and marketing activities that will drive business forward.


Munchy website helps to order favorite dishes in a few clicks. We ensured that the platform was intuitive and easy to use, helping to increase customer engagement and to boost the number of confident service users.

Mobile application

Munchy app helps to broaden the stages of user interaction with a product. Following the user path, we added order tracking feature by integrating the app with Onfleet to make the waiting process more predictable.

We also integrated the website and mobile app with CMS Storyblok to help easily manage products, categories, tasty food images, and catchy descriptions without tech team involvement.


For chefs

Kitchen for Chef helps to optimize kitchen processes with the creation of a structured and user-friendly order flow.

The tablet app provides tools for managing incoming orders, changing preparation statuses, choosing working stations, printing receipts, and submitting orders for delivery.

For couriers

The courier dashboard provides access to all active orders, enables changing order status, and allows printing receipts before closing the delivery.


Our development from scratch has resulted in a comprehensive online platform aiming to streamline food delivery for everyone involved in a process that can quickly grow alongside the number of loyal customers.

Thanks to Munchy for the exciting challenge!

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