Resource and business scenario planning web application that helps business to reduce risks and save the budget.


Resource and Scenario Planning (RASP) application is designed to make understanding and optimizing business operations and scenario planning easy.

RASP allows to map business processes and agreements how they are, and compare current and alternative operating models. With RASP, businesses gain the power to visually represent its multi-channeled ecosystem, capturing operations details and significant correlations. Applying such modeling gives access to valuable insights into business efficiency and enables quality decision-making.

Regardless of the technical complexity, the solution is exceptionally user-friendly and highly intuitive. Users can comfortably interact with the application, effortlessly comparing massive blocks of data, analyzing it, and importing afterward.

Scope of Work

Data collection

Client briefing / Income Data Analysis

UX Research

Analysis of system users / Jobs-To-Be-done

Design Phase

User Flows / Іnteractive prototype / UI Design / Product identity

User Testing

Prototype Testing / Design interaction


UX Design UI design


The main challenge was creating a scalable web application design system aimed at becoming a multi-national and multi-industry advanced predictive process optimization solution.

We began by collecting information, and closely consulting with the client to understand their specific requirements. Next, we analyzed the client's needs and goals, laying the foundation for the project steps.

Prototyping played a crucial role in the RASP development. Our team illustrated and described all product interactive elements’ behavior and created test visual concepts to validate design and functionality, gathering client feedback for improvements and enabling them to witness the application taking shape.


After the design presentation, we closely monitored and guided the development process to ensure that the approved design and functionality were accurately applied. We implemented high scalability into the application so it can easily accommodate businesses of any size, ensuring the data complexity, integrity, and quality of business predictions.

As a result, we took the initial idea and skillfully refined it, transforming it into a highly intuitive and scalable UX/UI design that seamlessly guides users through complex business planning and forecasting processes with ease. 

Today, businesses can already sign up for RASP to get an opportunity of making great decisions based on accurate data, by simulating scenarios, assessing the impact of various factors, and easily comparing operational processes.

Hi Brights Team, we wanted to update you to let you know that the presentation went really really well yesterday and in no small part thanks to your work. The Figma presentation was front and center of the presentation and it went seemlessly. Great job!!! We’ve been enjoying working with you and look forward to continuing"

James Bowman, Co-Founder & CEO RASP

Thanks to RASP for the exciting challenge

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