Vue.js development

Vue.js is a progressive open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. This solution can be easily integrated, offers reusable components, and features a responsive data-binding system for smooth synchronization. Our Vue.js developers use this framework to create products from scratch or seamlessly incorporate it with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

Our Vue.js Development benefits

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    Reliable expertise

    Our team built 400+ projects over the last 12 years and has extensive knowledge in Vue.js-similar frameworks, including React.js and Angular. When we recommend Vue.js, you can trust that we thoroughly understand how and why it will benefit your case.

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    Proven solutions

    We position ourselves as a Vue.js development company based on a decade-long track record of successfully implementing solutions using this framework. Check out our portfolio to get inspired by business-empowering projects.

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    Adaptable strategy

    Our team emphasizes flexibility in the development approach, much like Vue.js. We utilize Scrum to manage complex projects and adapt to changes, whether tech updates or investors' feedback.

Vue.js services we offer

  1. Web App Development

    Vue.js enables our full-cycle development team to build visually stunning, high-performing, scalable web apps. Its flexible, component-based architecture and wide selection of UI components make UI development easy.

  2. Mobile App Development

    With NativeScript or Quasar, Vue.js creates an excellent tool for delivering cross-platform mobile apps with optimized development time. Our engineers employ a single codebase, identical components, and logic for consistent user experiences.

  3. Proof-of-Concept App Development

    Vue.js is ideal for quick prototyping due to its simplicity, component-based structure, reactive data-binding, adaptability, and robust ecosystem. It allows the rapid turning of business ideas into Proof-of-Concept (PoC) apps to validate hypotheses, gather feedback, and raise investments for full-scale development.

  4. Custom App Development

    The inherent focus on components makes Vue.js highly suitable for building custom software. The component-based structure allows for reusable components, saving time and effort for development. The framework also has extensive documentation and a supportive community, allowing product customization and extension.

  5. SPA Development

    To build single-page applications (SPA) that are fast, highly responsive, and intuitive, Vue.js offers smooth transitions and real-time data updates without requiring page reloads. Its strong capabilities in managing dynamic data make it stand out in real-time app development.

  6. Marketplace Development

    The ability to handle complex user interfaces and manage dynamic content defines Vue.js as an excellent choice for building marketplaces. Its component-based architecture allows for the easy creation and management of product listings, search functionality, and user interactions.

Our expert team offers consulting and support on Vue.js project architecture and performance optimization. Developing your application, we ensure its maintenance and constant upgrades to keep up with the evolving technology landscape.

Vue.js stack we apply

  • Application Platforms

    Vue.js is platform-agnostic and can be deployed on various platforms, such as Amazon, Heroku, Azure Platform, Google App Engine, Linux servers, and Windows servers. In this combination, we often prefer Heroku as a highly regarded application platform.

  • Frameworks and CMS

    Vue.js can be effectively combined with several frameworks and content management systems. For example, by pairing Vue.js with Node.js, we enable full-stack JavaScript development, providing a seamless end-to-end JavaScript environment. Also, Vue.js integrates well with the Laravel PHP framework, facilitating the development of robust web applications.

  • Programming & Scripting

    JavaScript and TypeScript are probably the best programming languages for Vue.js development. It's easy, JavaScript is the foundational language of Vue.js, while TypeScript brings static typing and enhanced tooling support. Vue.js can also be used alongside PHP for server-side scripting, allowing seamless front and backend integration.

  • Hybrid & Cross-platform

    For cross-platform applications with a native look and feel, we combine Vue.js with React Native. In this pair, Vue.js is used for building the UI components, while React Native handles the underlying mobile platform interactions.


  • What is the cost of Vue.js development compared to other frameworks?

    The price of Vue.js development is competitive and comparable to other popular frameworks like React and Angular. Vue.js's simplicity, ease of use, and extensive documentation can contribute to faster development and potentially lower costs. To determine the price of implementing your project, fill out the form, and we will contact you to discuss the details.

  • Is Vue.js a good choice for MVP development?

    If you need to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Vue.js is a great option. Its user-friendly interface and quick development capabilities make it perfect for creating prototypes and validating your business ideas. Vue.js's component-based architecture and reactive data binding system make it easy for developers to build efficient and scalable MVPs without too much effort. Moreover, the extensive ecosystem and supportive community around Vue.js offer a wide range of resources and plugins to help you speed up the MVP development process.

  • Can Vue.js be used for building e-commerce platforms and marketplaces?

    Absolutely, Vue.js is an excellent choice for building e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces. Its reactive data-binding, modular architecture and an expansive component library make it perfect for creating engaging and dynamic user interfaces. Additionally, Vue.js smoothly integrates with backend technologies such as Node.js, Laravel, and Django, handling e-commerce business logic and data management.

  • How can I make my single-page app SEO-friendly using Vue.js?

    If you're building an SEO-friendly single-page application (SPA) with Vue.js, remember some key things. Because SPAs rely heavily on JavaScript to render content dynamically, search engine crawlers might struggle to index the content properly. However, you can utilize a few strategies to ensure good SEO practices, such as implementing SSR using frameworks like Nuxt, configuring Vue Router to enable server-side rendering for specific routes, and using Vue meta management plugins. Our team is here to guide the essential steps to make your Vue.js SPA SEO-friendly and improve its visibility in search engine results.

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