Startup (MVP) development

A million-dollar startup idea burning a hole in your pocket? Before diving headfirst into product development, consider the wisdom of the "lean startup" philosophy. At Brights agency, our MVP development for startups is engineered to validate your concept efficiently and effectively. Why invest months and resources into a full-featured product without first confirming its market viability? With our tailored approach, we guide you through the MVP development journey, enabling you to enter the market, attract early adopters, and get funding from investors faster than competitors.

Our MVP expertise in numbers

522+ successfully launched projects
13+ years in the startup dev market
100+ experts in the team

Our MVP development services include

  • Discovery phase

    As part of startup product development, we shape the vision, determine priorities, and craft the product experience for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • Market research

    Our team is digging into customer demands, preferences, and the competitive landscape to capitalize on market trends and translate them into valuable product features.

  • Business analysis

    Our analysts study the workflow and structure functional and non-functional requirements into specifications to clarify the product's concept.

  • UX prototyping and consulting

    Designing interactive mockups or wireframes is a key part of UX prototyping, allowing us to visualize user flows. Additionally, we offer expert analysis and suggestions on enhancing the usability of new or pre-existing products.

  • Product design

    Through engaging UI design and advanced 3D modeling, we deliver immersive digital experiences that help boost products. Our designers create intuitive layouts, employ thoughtful color schemes, and implement seamless interactions.

  • PoC development

    During PoC development, our goal is to showcase the feasibility of a concept rather than delivering a full product experience. We develop a simplified or scaled-down version of the product or feature to test its technical capabilities.

  • MVP development

    MVP is a valuable tool for validating ideas, attracting early adopters, securing funding, and obtaining valuable feedback. By prioritizing essential features, we enable reducing risks during product development and establish the groundwork for growth.

MVP development step-by-step

  • Initial engagement Together, we explore your business concept and craft a tailored software development strategy. Our transparent approach ensures you know what to expect, with insights into our methods and work style.
  • Discovery Phase Our analysts and designers refine ideas, analyze requirements, and structure them into specifications. This helps save resources and focus on essential features for MVP. We also create low-fidelity prototypes for software feasibility and early feedback.
  • Project Setup This stage is aimed to plan the product roadmap, establish project scope, milestones, and timelines. We select technologies and create a backlog for initial sprints. A kick-off meeting introduces the software development team and project essentials to stakeholders.
  • Design Our UI/UX designers craft a detailed prototype encompassing essential features and user flows. Beginning with key screens, you'll experience the initial UI elements and provide feedback. Upon approval, we expand the design to all screens, delivering a comprehensive visual solution.
  • Development Following Feature Driven Development, we prioritize easy management, integration, and scalability. Our developers embrace microservices on scalable cloud infrastructure, adhering to the best principles of startup development.
  • Quality Assurance Testing and development go hand in hand. We prioritize continuous quality assurance, testing software performance, behavior, and functional health. Our manual and automated testing process ensures swift and seamless delivery of quality functionality to end users.
  • Product Release When a product is about to launch, we create a release plan, review functionalities, clean up databases, set up analytics, connect production endpoints, and enhance content. Our goal is a smooth user experience, with our team ready to address any surprises promptly.
  • Maintenance and support Beyond delivering full-fledged products, we offer ongoing maintenance, helping your business grow. Whether for new features or software support, we take care of upgrades, monitoring, backups, and tech advisory.

Our advantages

  • 01

    Tech Launchpad

    With 13+ years of startup-focused expertise, our MVP development agency supports you from concept validation to creation and scalable architecture development. If you lack a tech leader, we offer free-of-charge consultations with our CTO and top experts for guidance and efficient problem-solving.

  • 02

    Shared Expertise

    Our team embraces a knowledge-sharing culture, actively exchanging expertise and insights. Through collaborative environments, team meetings, and mentoring, we foster a culture of shared learning among developers and designers.

  • 03

    Process Customization

    Every project is unique, so we tailor our approach to meet specific objectives, requirements, and goals. This flexibility allows us to align development processes according to your needs, resulting in smooth teamwork and prompt delivery.

Client reviews

Brights is rated 5/5 average from 16 reviews on Clutch

Steve Fuller

CEO, The Guided App USA, California

Brights’ work meets all client expectations so far. They excel in offering strategic feedback. Their code quality is high, and they’re very thorough in their testing. The team is organized and efficient in managing the project. Brights is an innovative team that brings its client’s vision to life.

Vincent Tavernese

Founder, Flippick Inc. USA, NY

Brights has excellent project management skills and communicates effectively. The project manager does a great job of keeping everything organized and clear. All team members are very involved and engaged in the whole project.

Matthew Covi

Founder, Signal Intent USA, NY

The solution has been critical to early startup success and has significant growth potential. Brights was quick to ask clarifying questions and committed to deadlines. Their ability to offer alternative ideas for product optimization at the right time was especially welcome.

Taras Żerebecki

Head of Operations, Tradalaxy Canada, Ontario

The platform launched ahead of schedule, leading to faster sales. Brights showed impressive commitment to the project, formulating innovative solutions to challenges that focused on optimizing end-user experience. Their accessibility and drive for quality were greatly appreciated.


  • What is a minimum viable product (MVP)

    MVP is a functional version of a product with essential features designed to gather feedback and validate the concept in the market. In many cases, it’s an integral part of the product development process.

  • How do I find the best-suited MVP development agency

    When selecting a startup product development company, it's essential to consider factors such as experience working with startups, portfolio of previous projects, client feedback, expertise in the targeted industry, and ability to align with your overall vision and goals.

  • What technologies does an MVP development firm use to build MVPs

    By providing startup product development services, companies leverage various technologies to build MVPs tailored to the product's specific needs. The most commonly used technologies are programming languages such as PHP or JavaScript, frameworks like React or Vue.js, and cloud platforms like AWS or Azure.

  • How much does it cost to develop an MVP

    The cost of an MVP depends on factors such as product complexity, desired features, and the chosen technology stack. We offer customized implementation cost estimates for startup product development based on your specific requirements. Fill out our form, and we will contact you to discuss the details further.

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